1800 US Census

Prince George's Maryland


James Allen
Free Negro
Other Free Negro's listed in this county:
Joseph, Nace, and Frank Allen


Maryland Births: Walter Nally Allen b. May 24, 1806 / Saint Johns Parish, Prince Georges, MD. Father: James Allen, Mother: Jane.



1810 US Census

Cecil Co., MD


James Allen


2 males under 10 (Walter & George), 1 Male 10-15 (?), 1 Male 16-25 (?), 1 Male 26-44 (James Allen), 1 Female 16-25 (Jane)



1820 US Census

Flushing, Belmont, OH


James Allen


2 males under 10 (John & Dennis), 2 Males 10-15 (George & Levi), 1 Male 16-25 (Walter), 1 Female under 10 (?), 1 Female 26-44 (Jane), 7 persons except Indians not taxed (James must be included in this group, as he is not listed above, the rest are unknown)


Source: US Census Bureau The “All other free persons” column provides a count of free African Americans.



1830 US Census

Flushing, Belmont, OH


James Allen


1 Male under 5 (William, son of Walter & Margaret), 1 Male 5-9 (Henry), 1 Male 10-14 (John), 1 Male 15-19 (Dennis), 1 Male 20-29 (Walter), 1 Male 40-49 (James), 1 Female 30-39 (Margaret wife of Walter), 1 Female 40-49 (Jane).




US General Land Office Records

To James Allen of
Belmont County, OH


James Allen
Issue Date:
7 Nov 1837
Ohio River Survey
Accession Number:
Metes and Bounds:
Land Office:
US Reservations:
Mineral Reservations:
April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)
Document Number:



1840 US Census

Flushing, Belmont, OH


James Allen


2 Males 15-19 (Henry & ?), 1 Male 20-29 (John W.), 1 Male 60-69 (James), 1 Female 60-69 (Jane)



1850 Census:
Manchester, Morgan, Ohio

#304 (Wait Family)
Sarah J Allen
James Allen
Jane Allen
Dennis Allen
Catharine Allen
James Allen
Isaac Allen
Martha Allen
Samuel Allen
John Allen
Mary Allen
Benoni Allen
Mary J Allen
Henry Allen
Elizabeth Allen
William Allen
Joseph Allen
George Allen

Earlier Census states James Allen has six children.



1860 Census:
Manchester, Morgan, Ohio

Benoni Conger b. 1832
Sarah J Conger b. 1836
John Conger b. 1857
Mary A Conger b. 1859
John Eddy b. 1790
Jane Eddy b. 1792
NOTE: John Eddy m. Jane Gregg in 1820 Guernsey Co., OH
Archibald Eddy b. 1820
Mary Eddy b. 1825
Eliza J Eddy b. 1828
Nancy Eddy b. 1836
James Allen b. 1781
Henry Allen b. 1825
Elizabeth Allen b. 1826
William Allen b. 1848
Joseph Allen b. 1850
Nancy J Allen b. 1854
George Allen b. 1813
Sarah J Allen b. 1841
Dennis Allen b. 1818
Catherine Allen b. 1822
William J Allen b. 1843
Isaac Allen b. 1845
Martha Allen b. 1847
Samuel Allen b. 1850



1870 Census:
Manchester, Morgan, Ohio

Henry T Allen
Elisabeth Allen
William Allen
Nancy J Allen
Cyrus Allen
James Allen
George Allen



James Allen

b. June 30, 1782 (MD) - d. Feb. 9, 1872 (OH)

Reinersville Cemetery (Morgan Co., OH)



U.S., War of 1812 Service Records, 1812-1815


CAUTION: I have not proven this to be this James Allen.

NOTE: Many family members have listed James as Capt. James Allen.  British invasion of Md, 1812-1815. By Will. Matthew Marine. Baltimore, 1913. (519p.): 202-There was a Capt. James Allen listed during the War of 1812 as a Captain in Rifle Co. Frederick Co. MD. 

This does make sense when looking at the children’s births.  Four children were born in Maryland from 1806 to 1812 (Walter, George, Levi & an unknown Female), then no children were born again until 1817 and in Ohio.  It seems that the family may have come to Ohio after James service in the war of 1812.



Tax records 1805-1814

James City County, MD

CAUTION: I have not proven this to be this James Allen.

James Allen, born say 1784, a "Mulatto" (Mixed Race) taxable in James City County, MD from 1805 to 1814

NOTE: James & Jane Moved to Ohio from Maryland sometime between 1814 - 1817



FEBRUARY 3, 1872 In the name of the benevolent father of all, I, James Allen, of the County of Morgan, in the State of Ohio, do make and publish this my last will and testament. ITEM 1 1st I request first that my just debts and funeral expenses be paid of my estate. ITEM 2 2nd I give and bequeath to my son, Dennis Allen, the North half of the Quarter section of land on which I now reside, containing about eighty (80) acres being in Manchester Township, Morgan County, Ohio, almost the undivided half between the two hundred ten (210) acres in the State of West Virginia, County of Mason, and on the water of ten mile creek, he however, paying to my estate the sum of $200 in balance of the same. ITEM 3 3rd I give and bequeath to my son Henry T Allen the South half of the quarter section of land on which I now reside on and being in the Township of Manchester, in the County of Morgan, Ohio, containing a bout eighty (80) acres of land. ITEM 4 4th I give and bequeath to my son Levi Allen, one hundred acres of land that I now own in the County of Monroe, Ohio, it being the same on which the same Levi Allen now resides, to my grandson, Reuben Allen being purchased and paid for the North half of the same hereto for. It is my will that my grandson, Reuben Allen, shall have the undivided half part of the North half of the above described quarter section. ITEM 5 5th I give and bequeath to my son, John Allen, forty (40) acres of land in Center Township, Morgan County, Ohio and being the same that John Allen formerly lived on and being lying southeast from the home farm. ITEM 6 6th I give and bequeath to my granddaughter, Sarah Murphy and her heirs about forty-seven (47) acres of land in Center Township, Morgan County, Ohio and being the land that I bought from Isaac Wickershaw. ITEM 7 7th I give and bequeath to my daughter-in-law Margaret Allen, one heifer calf and $5 in money. ITEM 8 8th I desire that no appraisement be made on any of my personal estate but that if is should become necessary, I hereby authorize an executor hereon after mentioned to sell at public or private sale if he may think best sufficient to pay my debts and should my heirs not agree on a division of my personal estate therein, I authorize my executor to sell the whole at public or private sale as he thinks most profitable. All the proceeds to be divided share and share alike between my heirs Dennis Allen, Henry T. Allen, Levi Allen, John Allen, and Sarah J Murphy. ITEM 9 9th I hereby covenant and appoint my son Dennis Allen, executor this my last Will and Testament authorizing him compromise, release, and adjust all claims to me and perform all matters that may be necessary in the promises. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3rd day of February, 1872. Signed, witnessed Recorded in Morgan County Records of Wills, Volume 2, on the 24th day of February 1872, David C. Pinkerton, Judge


NOTE: in James Allen's will, he lists a daughter-in-law named Margaret (Wife of Walter) and an heir named Sarah J Murphy (daughter of George). All other heirs listed are the sons of James. I belive he included Margaret and Sarah because George was listed as an invalid & Walter had died.







  • Walter Nally Allen
    b. May 24, 1806 (Prince Georges, MD) - d. before 1859
    Maryland Births: Walter Nally Allen b. May 24, 1806 / Saint Johns Parish, Prince Georges, MD. Father: James Allen, Mother: Jane. / Married Margaret Brand (b. 1811 PA - 1891) Aug. 6, 1829 (Belmont Co., OH) / Children: 1860 US Census, Center, Morgan, OH: The following children were living with Margaret (age 20): William Allen (b. abt. 1830), Sarah J. Allen Conger (b. abt. 1832 / already married, living with her family), James Allen (b. abt. 1839), Margaret A. Allen (b. abt. 1843), Cornelius Baetelle Allen (b. 1845), Thomas Allen (b. abt. 1848), Mary Allen-Staub (b. abt. 1850).

    ---------------------Sarah J. Allen Conger b. abt 1832 (OH) - d. Oct. 5, 1918 / Married Benoni Conger (son of Stephen Conger) on Nov. 1, 1856 / Childern: John Conger (b. 1857), Mary A Conger (b. 1860), Battelle Cornelius Conger (b. 1865 - d. 1937), (Twins) Melissa Conger and Matilda Conger-Harris/Greenwood Cemetery (Zanesville, Ohio) (b. 1868), Benjamin (b. 1871 - d. 1944), William Watson Conger (b. 1875).
    ---------------------Cornelius Baetelle Allen b. 1845 (Belmont Co., OH) - d. 1926 (Clark Co., OH) Haydenville Cemetery (Hocking Co., OH) / Civil War / Married Mahala Thompson (b. 1848) in 1868 (Vinton Co., OH) / Children: Sarah J. Allen (b. 1869), Martha Allen McCall (b. 1871), Hennrietta Allen (b. 1872), James "Ashler" Allen (b. 1874 - d. 1910), Gertrude C Allen Nelson (b. 1879), Anna Matilda Allen Robinette (b. 1884), Christina "Tena" Allen Donaldson (b. 1888), Ida Effie Allen Saunders (b. 1891). / Email RF: Cornelius B Allen enlisted with the Union Army and served with the 182 Regiment in Company C. He described himself as having dark hair, eyes and complexion and stood 5'10.

    ---------------------Mary Allen Staub b. abt. 1850 (Belmont Co., OH) - d. ? / Married Solomon Staub (b. abt. 1842) / Children: Mallie Staub (b. 1868), Thomas Staub (b. abt. 1869), Patrick Allen (b. abt. 1870), Carie Allen (b. abt. 1872) / 1870 Census, Monroe, Perry, OH: Mallie Staub (b. abt. 1868), Thomas Staub (b. abt. 1869). / NOTE: on the 1880 Census, Green, Hocking, OH: Mary Allen is living with her mother, Margaret (no sign of Solomon Staub, and Mary is listed as single), The following children are listed as Margaret Allen's grandchildren: Thomas Allen (b. abt. 1869), Patrick Allen (b. abt. 1870), Carie Allen (b. abt. 1872). I belive these children's last name should be Staub and they are all children of Solomon and Mary.
  • George William Allen
    b. 1807 (MD) - d. Nov. 20, 1871 (OH)
    Reinersville Cemetery (Morgan Co., OH)
    Married Annie Nally Allen (b. 1822 - d. 1873) / Children: Sarah J Allen Murphy (b. 1842) / 1850 US Census: George is living alone and his daughter Sarah is living with the Wait family. / 1860 Census:
    George is listed with his brother Henry and his daughter Sarah J Allen. / 1870 Census George is listed as an invalid. / Death Certificate: George William Allen; Male; died Nov. 20, 1871 in Morgan Co., OH; age 64; born in Maryland in 1807; Widowed. / Ohio Deaths: Ann Allen b. 1822 in Belmont Co - d. March 15, 1873 in Belmont Co. She was Married.
    ------------------------Sarah J (Allen) Murphy b. Feb. 1842 (Morgan Co., OH) - d. Jan. 9, 1917 (Morgan Co., OH) / Married David Murphy in 1865 in Morgan County, OH / Children: George A Murphy (b. abt. 1863), Francis A Murphy Rogers (b. 1869), Alva Murphy (b. 1872), Elmer Murphy (1872), William H Murphy (b. 1877), James S Murphy (b. 1880), Catherine E Murphy (b. 1885). / Sarah is buried at Crossroads Cemetery / Ohio Deaths: Sarah J. Murphy / Widowed / Father: George Allen, Mother: Annie Nally.
  • Unknown Female
    b. between 1810 - 1820 - d. ?
    1820 Census lists 1 female under the age of 10 living with the family
  • Levi Allen
    b. 1812 (MD) - d. Dec. 20, 1891
    Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
    Married Sarah Payne (b. 1817) May 21, 1837 in Belmont Co., OH/ Lived in Wayne, Monroe Co., OH during the 1850, 1860 & 1870 US Census: Childern: Martha Jane Allen-Gray (b. abt. 1838 OH - d. 1913 OH), Ruben Allen (b. 1839 OH / listed in the will of his grandfather James Allen), Harriet Allen Uppole (b. abt. 1837 OH), Sarah C. Allen-Conner (abt. 1849 OH - d. 1874 OH) and George W. Allen (b. 1853 OH). / Ohio Deaths: Levi Allen born in 1812, died Dec. 20, 1891 in Washington Ohio. / History of Morgan County, OH, Robertson, 1886, Page 394: Wolves were numerous and very troublesome to the early settlers. Although no instances are remembered of their attacks upon people, many an aged pioneer can recall the time when stock (especially sheep) was often attacked and killed by them. The last wolves in this region, according to the recollection of H. P. Dearborn, were killed in 1832 by Levi Allen of Waterford.
    ------------------------Martha Jane Allen-Gray b. abt. 138 OH - d. ? / Married David Gray (civil war vet.)
    ------------------------Sarah C. (Allen) Conner b. abt. 1849 (OH) - d. Sept. 19, 1874 (OH) / Married John W. Conner (b. abt. 1842) / During the 1880 Us Census Levi & Sarah lived in Washington, Monroe Co., OH with the following grandchildren: James R. Connor (b. abt 1872 OH), Levi S. Connor (b. abt 1873 OH).
    -----------------------George W. Allen b. 1853 (Monroe Co., OH) - d. 1932 (Monroe Co., OH) / Married Mohala Kinsey March 28, 1875 /
    Death Certificate: George W. Allen was the son of Levi Allen and Sara Payne, wife listed as Mohala Allen, Occupation: Retired Farmer.
  • Dennis Allen
    b. July 1817 or 1819 (Belmont Co., OH) - d. July 2, 1900 (OH)
    Reinersville Methodist Church Cemetery (Morgan County, OH)
    Census: Dinnis was a carpenter / Wife's name was Cathrine (Payne) Allen (b.1822 - d. 1900) / children: William "James" Allen (b. 1843- OH), Issac Allen (b. 1844), Martha Allen (b. abt 1847 OH), Samual Allen (b. 1850) / Ohio Deaths & Burials, 1854-1997: Dennis Allen; Male; died July 2, 1900 in Morgan Co., OH; age 83; born 1817 in Belmont Co., Ohio; White; Farmer; Married.
    ----------------------William "James" Allen b. 1843 OH - d. Nov. 1924 OH / married Mary "Katy" McLucas (b. 1849), in 1866 / both buried at Smith Chapel Cemetery / Children: Orin L. Allen (b. 1876) who married Mary E. Allen (b. 1886) in 1904.
    ----------------------Issac Allen b. 1844 - d. 1905 / Married Syrena Scarbo.. (b. 1848 - d. 1919) /Children: Luther M. Allen (b. 1875 - d. 1941) / Reinersville Methodist Church Cemetery (Morgan County, OH).
    ----------------------Samual Allen b. 1850 - d. 1901 (Morgan Co., OH) married Abigail ? (b. ? - d. 1895) / Reinersville Methodist Church Cemetery (Morgan County, OH).
  • John W. Allen
    b. 1819 (MD) - d. 1898 (OH)
  • Henry Thomas Allen
    b. 1823 (Belmont, OH) - d. Feb. 26, 1905 (Morgan Co., OH)
    married Elizabeth (Scarborough) Allen (b. Jun. 29, 1827 in MD) / children: Sarah Allen (b. abt 1841), William Allen (b. abt 1848), Joseph Allen (b. abt 1850 - d. 1863 Reinersville Methodist Church Cemetery (Morgan County, OH), Nancy Allen (b. abt. 1854), Cyrus Allen (b. 1866). / Ohio Deaths & Burials 1854-1997: Henry T Allen; Male; died Feb. 26, 1905 in Manchester Twp., Morgan Co., OH; age 82; born in 1823 in Belmont Co., OH; Farmer; White; Widowed.
    ----------------------Cyrus Allen b. 1866 OH - d. 1947 / Married Sadie Hitchens (or Hutchens) in 1889 / Children: Clayton (b. 1914), Montford (b. 1889) / Clayton & Montford are burried at Keithtown Cemetery.





Jane (Nally? Sheakley?) Allen

b. 1783 in Maryland - d. between 1850-1860

Reinersville Cemetery (Morgan Co., Ohio)


CAUTION: I am researching the possibility of Jane’s maiden name being Nally.  I show a Walter Nally Allen being born to James and Jane Allen in Prince Georges Co., Maryland in 1806.  James and Jane’s son George also married a Nally, so there is certainly a close family connection.


two other names of intrest: Cornelius and Baetelle. James and Jane have 2 grandsons with these names: Cornelius Baetelle and Baetelle Cornelius.


I also found this information that may be this Jane Allen:

United States War of 1812 Index to Pension Application Files
Name: James Allen
Event Type: Pension
Military Unit Note: Capt Hezekiah Hines Oh Mil
Spouse's Name: Jane Sheakley