1810 US Census

Morris, Greene, Pennsylvania

Elias Conger


2 Males under 10 (Elias G., and John B.), 2 Males 10-15 (Moses and Gershorn), 1 Male 16-25 (Stephen), 1 Male 45 and over (Elias Conger), 3 Females under 10 (Rebecca, Mollie and Dorcas), 1 Female 26-44 (Mary Gregory).




1820 US Census

Center, Monroe, Ohio


Elias Conger


3 Males under 10 (William, Enos, Benoni), 2 Males 10-15 (Elias and John B.), 1 Male 16-25 (Moses), 1 Male 45 and Over (Elias D Conger), 1 Female under 10 (Rebecca), 1 Female 16-25 (Dorcas), 1 Female 45 and Over (Mary Gregory Conger).




1830 US Census

Center, Monroe, Ohio


Elias Conger


2 Males 15-19 (Enos and Benoni), 1 Male 60-69 (Elias D Conger), 1 Female 50-59 (Mary Gregory Conger)





1840 US Census

Center, Monroe, Ohio


Elias D. Conger


1 Male 20-29 (?), 1 Male 70-79 (Elias D Conger), 1 Female Under 5 (?), 1 Female 5-9 (?), 1 Female 20-29 (?), 1 Female 60-69 (Mary Gregory Conger)


NOTE: It looks like one of Eliases children and family was living with him, but I am unsure which one it was.


Elias Darby Conger

b. June 8, 1763 (MA) - d. abt. 1844 (Adams Twp., Monroe Co., OH)



Estate Settlement (listed on ancestry.com) - 4 Oct 1844, Friday, Vol 1 No 31 The Spirit of Democracy Farm for Sale: Elias, Stephen & Benoni Conger, Executors of Elias D Conger, dec'd, on main road from Woodsfield to Clarington , 9 miles from each farm, good dwelling house, good barn & stable, orchard of grafted fruit, meadow sufficient to produce $100 of hay each year, being near the point where all roads to the river center-admirably adapted for a tavern stand. 17 Jul 1847, Saturday, Vol 4 No 18 The Spirit of Democracy Final settlement of estate filed: Stephen, Benoni,& Elias Conger, Executors of Elias D Conger, Dec'd


NOTE: this shows that Elias D Conger had already died before Oct. 4, 1844.






Children of Elias Conger and Mary Goble


  • Sarah (Conger) Boner
    b. Feb. 29, 1784 - d. ?
    Married Martin Boner (b. abt. 1782) in 1804.
  • Mary Conger
    b. abt. 1785 (NJ) - d. ?
  • Ruth (Conger) Fisher
    b. 1786 (NJ) - d. ?
    Married John Fisher (b. abt. 1783) in 1806.
  • Hannah (Conger) Hafer
    b. abt. 1787 (NJ) - d. ? (Guernsey Co., OH)
    Married Israel Hafer (b. abt. 1781 - d. 1865) in 1807
  • David S. Conger
    b. abt. 1789 (NJ) - d. 1871 (Monroe Co., IA)
    Married Rebecca Sharp (b. abt. 1786)
  • Rhoda (Conger) Atkinson
    b. abt. 1791 (Greene Co., PA) - d. ?
    Married James Atkinson (b. 1791 PA) in 1811.
  • Susan (Conger) Rush
    b. 1795 - d. ?
    Married Charles Rush (b. abt. 1792) in 1815.
  • Stephen Elijah Conger
    b. 1796 - d. 1859
  • Gershom Conger
    b. 1798 (PA) - d. 1859 (NY)
    Married Hannah (Piatt) Conger (b. 1801) / Children: Nelson Conger (b. 1834 OH - d.1892 WV)
  • Moses Conger
    b. abt. 1801 - d. 1850
  • Dorcas (Conger) Rush
    b. Nov. 15, 1803 (Greene PA) - d. ?
    Married Paul Rush (b. 1803) in 1822.
  • Mollie Conger
    b. abt. 1804 - d. bef. 1820


Children of Elias Conger and Mary Gregory


  • John B Conger
    b. abt. 1805 - d. 1883
    Married Elizabeth Atkinson (b. 1807) / Children: Mary Conger (b. 1832 OH), Elizabeth Conger - Henkle (b. Aug. 5, 1834 Monroe Co., OH - d. 1913 Oregon), Charles A. Conger (b. 1836), Nancy J. Conger (b. 1838), Julia Conger (b. 1840), William J. Conger (b. 1841), Abel Conger (b. 1848)
    -------------------- Elizabeth Conger - Henkle b. Aug. 5, 1834 Monroe Co., OH - d. 1913 Oregon / Married Ichabod B. Henkle b. 1810 / Children: Jesse Henkle (b. 1833), John H. Henkle (b. 1835), Andrew J. Henkle (b. 1841), Jeremiah E. Henkle (b. 1843), David M. Henkle (b. 1845), Helena E. Henkle (b. 1849), Julia A. Henkle (b. 1853), John A. Henkle (b. 1854), Jacob L. Henkle (b. 1857), Charles I. Henkle (b. 1859), Lillie L. Henkle (b. 1865), Elmer E. Henkle (b. 1871)

  • Elias Gregory Conger
    b. abt. 1806 - d. 1895
    Married Margaret Atkinson (b. ?) / Children: Julia Conger Moore (b. ?)
    --------------------Julia (Conger) Moore (b.?) Married Professor John Moore / "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio." - Professor John MOORE, who was an instructor of great ability and learning; after which, on the 15th day of June 1858, he was married to Julia A. CONGER, the youngest daughter of Elias & Margaret ATKINSON CONGER, of Monroe county, OH; taught school for one year following his marriage, at Cameron, in Adams township, and afterwards in various districts of Adams and other townships of the county, when in 1861 he was appointed school examiner by Probate Judge SINCLAIR.  In the fall of 1862 he was chosen by the board of education of the Clarington special school district principal of the Clarington school; resigned the office of school examiner in the spring of 1863, and thereafter removed, at the close of one term of school at Clarington, to his father’s farm in Adams township, where he spent the most of his time for two years following, reading law under the instruction of the Hon. William F. HUNTER, of Monroe county, OH; after which he was again called by the board of education to labor as principal in the Clarington school, at which place he was employed as principal of the school, with the exception of one term, for 10 years.  From the time of his marriage, and during all this period, six children were born in his family, four of which, two sons and two daughters, to-wit: William V., Ione, Emma V., and James C. are now living.  After having been engaged in the profession of teaching, and meeting with success in this calling for more than 20 years, and being solicitious for a change from the school-room, he became a candidate for the office of probate judge, to which he was elected in the fall of 1878, and afterward, in the fall of 1881, was reelected to a second term of said office, of which he is now the incumbent.

  • Rebecca Conger
    b. abt. 1810 - d. 1890
  • Benoni Conger
    b. abt. 1812 - d. 1890
  • Enos Conger
    b. abt. 1814 (OH) - d. 1903 (Iowa)
    Married Mary ?
  • William Greene Conger
    b. abt. 1816 - d. 1822





Mary Goble Conger

b. 1764 (Middlesex, NJ) - d. 1804 (Adams Township, Monroe Co., OH)


From U.S. & International Marriage Records, 1560 - 1900:
1783 Monmouth, New Jersey


Mary Goble
Spouse Name:
Elias Darby Conger
Spouse Birth Place:
Spouse Birth Year:



Mary Gregory Conger

b. 1765 - d. 1842

Married in 1805








David Conger

b. 1744 (NJ) - d. 1827 (NJ)


Edmund West, comp.. Family Data Collection - Births [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2001


Elias Darby Conger
David Conger
Mary Darby
Birth Date:
8 Jun 1763




Mary Darby Conger

b. 1742 (NJ) - d. 1798 (PA)

Mary was the daughter of William Darby (b. 1693 NJ) and Mary Durfee (b. 1710 RI)


NOTE from Ancestry: Deacon (William) Darby b. 1693 - 1775, was elected as the first ruling elder of the Church in 1747 and remained in this position until his death. His heirs were very active in town affairs and offered continous service to the community


William Darby donated the land that both the Baptist Church and God's Acre Cemetery sit on.


Scotch Plains Baptist Church Cemetery (Union Co., NJ)