Christopher Durbin

b. 1735 (MD) - d. ?






  • Stephen Durbin
    b. 1760 (MD) - d. 1847 (PA)
    Married Mary ? (b. 1790 MD - d. 1888 PA) / Children: Joseph (b. ?), Andrew (b. ?), Stephen Jr. (b. ?), Mariah (b. ?), Sarah Jane (b.?). / His Will: An now to wit: March 31st, 1857, Letter of Administration Stephen Durbin} granted to Nancy Durbin and Joseph Durbin. Bond taken in the sum of one thousand dollars. Joseph Phelen and Jacob Lemley, Esqrs. assureties. Bond filed, April 18, 1857. Inventory and Vendue List filed. Will of } I, Stephen Durbin, of Greene County and State of Stephen Durbin} Pennsylvania, being weak of body but in sound mind and Fees paid ) memory, blessed to be God for same do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following: FIRST - After my funeral expenses are paid and just debts (if any) as touching such worldly thins as God has pleased to bless me in this life. I give bequeath and dispose of as follows. SECONDLY - I give and bequeath unto my two sons, Joseph and Stephen all my real estate to be enjoyed by them and their heirs at my death, on conditions of them maintaining their mother and providing necessaries for her to make her comfortably during her natural life and also to keep their sister, Sarah Jane in same manner untill she arrives of age, and also to pay the rest of my heirs as follows and (To Wit) To my sons, Andrew and Enoch one hundred Dollars each. To my two daughters, Maria and said daughter Sarah Jane one hundred Dollars, each to be paid as follows in one year after their said Mother's death twenty-five dollars to each, and so on annually untill said hundred dollars to to each of them is paid. I also give and bequeath all my personal proper to my son Stephen. Lastly, I do hereby (can read), constitute and appoint my son Joseph Durbin, Executor and my wife Mary, Executrix, of this my last will and testament, declaring this to be my last will and testament and no other. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this eighth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty five. Stephen Durbin (seal) Signed Sealed and pronounced as the Last Will and Testament of the Testator in the presence of us: Benjamin H. Durbin Jacob Creighbaum

    -------------------------------- Joseph Durbin b. ? - d. ? /Married Polly Durbin (his cousin). / Children were Lucinda (b. ?), Nancy Jane (b. ?), Lindsay (b.?), James (b.?), Sally (b.?), Belle (b.?).
    -------------------------------- Andrew Durbin b. ? - d. ? / Married Martha Bane. / Children were David (b.?), Andrew (b.?), Frank (b.?)
    -------------------------------- Stephen Durbin b. ? - d. ? / Married Nancy Throckmorton / Children were Jane (b.?) and Mary (b.?) / History of Greene County by William Hanna He was killed by a burning tree falling on him.

  • Edward Durbin
    b. 1775 (MD) - d. 1855 (PA)
    Married Matilda Finch in 1811 / Children: Lucy (b. ?), Ellen (b. ?)

  • Benjamin Durbin
    b. 1784 (MD) - d. 1846 (PA)
    Married Nancy Parnell (b. 1780 ? - d. 1850 ?) / Children: Thomas (b.?), Benjamin (b.?), Jane (b.?), Ruth (b.?), Sally (b.?), Amy (b.?), Polly (b.?), Nancy (b.?), Betty (b.?).

  • Thomas Durbin
    b. 1784 (MD) - d. ?
  • Nancy M. (Durbin) Ruple
    b. ? (MD)
    Married David Ruple in 1815 (David's listed as a farmer)