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First 48
The first Ohio Company of Associates settlers


Second Group


Ohio Company Land Grants, 1793


More Ohio Settlers



History of Washington County, Ohio 1881 / Page 91:

Colonel Benjamin Tallmadge was chosen treasurer of the Ohio company, Vice Plattt, and was directed to sell all the securities on hand, reserve ten thousand dollars to pay for further work on the survey, and to divide the remainder, pro rata, among the shareholders, through their respective agencies.


Upon the tenth of May the President, in pursuance of the acot of April 21st, issued three patents to Rufus Putnam, Manasseh Cutler, Robert Oliver, and Grifffin Greene in trust for the Ohio Company of Associates. The patents were signed by George Washington, President, and Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State. With the exception of one to the State of Pennsylvania, March 3, 1792, these are the first land patents issued by the Government.





List of Families at Fort Frye Garrison in 1791
[Obtained form a very old copy of Andrews' History of Washington County]


Capt William Gray (Commander of the garrison), wife and two children


Maj Phinehas Coburn, wife and three sons


Judge Gilbert Devol , wife and two sons and one daughter


Wanton Devol , wife and Child


Allen Devol, wife and three or four children


Andrew Storer, wife and five children


Widow of B Converse and eight children


George Wilson, wife and two Children


Jermiah Wilson, two sons and two daughters


Benjamin Shaw, wife and three children


Nathan Kinney, and wife
NOTE: Entry in the history of Wash. Co. OH (1881) page 541, lists William Kinney died on May 15, 1795, and Nathan Kinney purchased a bible on May 16, 1795.


Joshua Sprague, wife and two children


Maj John White and wife


William Sprague, wife and two children


Noah Fearing, wife and several children


Andrew Webster and son


Harry Maxon and wife


Daniel Davis, wife and two sons William and Daniel


Davis Wilson, wife and one child


Benjamin Beadle and wife


Unmarried men:


William MCCulloch

Andrew McClure

William Newel

William Lunt

Jabez Barlow

Thomas Farley

Dr Nathan McIntosh




Ohio Company of Associates



Ohio History Central Website:

In 1786, a group of men in Massachusetts, including General Rufus Putnam and Brigadier General Benjamin Tupper, founded the Ohio Company of Associates, a real estate company. The Ohio Company of Associates was not affiliated with the earlier Ohio Company.


The Ohio Company of Associates planned to purchase land in the Northwest Territory west of a previously surveyed area called the Seven Ranges. Both Putnam and Tupper had participated in survey expeditions led by Thomas Hutchins and believed that the region had great potential for land speculation.


The company first chose Samuel Holden Parsons to represent their interests to the American government, but when he was unsuccessful in his mission, the company replaced him with the Reverend Manasseh Cutler. Cutler worked with Treasury Board assistant William Duer and president of the Confederation Congress Arthur St. Clair to negotiate an arrangement for the purchase of the land. The Ohio Company of Associates purchased 1,500,000 acres of land, agreeing to pay $500,000 immediately and another $500,000 payment once survey work was finished. Congress allowed the company to pay for part of the land using military warrants. This created a very favorable arrangement for the investors since less cash was required to make the purchase. In the end, the investors paid about eight and one-half cents per acre. In order to encourage settlement of the region and create a buffer between white settlements and American Indians, Congress also gave the Ohio Company of Associates 100,000 acres that became known as the Donation Tract. In this area, any adult white male could obtain one hundred acres of free land. Although the survey pattern was somewhat different from that of the Seven Ranges, company investors were required to set aside land in each township for education and religion as well as three sections for future government purposes. In addition, two townships were set aside for a university.


Putnam established the first Ohio Company of Associates settlement on the banks of the Ohio River. Known originally as Adelphia, the community soon became known as Marietta in honor of French Queen Marie Antoinette. To protect the settlement from Indian attacks, the settlers built a fortification known as the Campus Martius. Many of the early settlers of Ohio Company of Associates lands came from New England. Now in Ohio, they tried to establish institutions and communities similar to those they had known in the East.



The Rufus Putnam House, also known as the Old Blockhouse, and the Ohio Company Land Office, still exists...
Campus Martius Museum
Campus Martius Museum houses three floors of historical exhibits focusing on the
Northwest Territory and its first settlement, Marietta.
Visitors can tour the Rufus Putnam House and the Ohio Company Land Office.

Marietta, Washington County, Ohio



In 1804, the company established Ohio University on the land that it had set aside for that purpose. In its early years, the university only offered the equivalent of a high school education and enrollment remained low. The settlers of Marietta had greater success in establishing a new society once the Native American threat was reduced with the signing of the Treaty of Greeneville in 1795. As the population continued to grow in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, many of the New England settlers found themselves in disagreement with people coming from Virginia and Kentucky who had different visions for the region.

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First 48 (April 1788):

The first Ohio Company of Associates settlers

On Monday the seventh of April 1788, these 48 men made the first lawful, English settlement in the Northwest Territory by landing at Marietta, Ohio on the flatboat named the "Mayflower." They were the first of the many settlers to land at Marietta.

  • Barlow, James
  • Bushnell, Daniel
  • Coburn, Phineas
  • Cooper, Esekiel
  • Corey, Ebenezer
  • Cushing, Samuel
  • Cutler, Jervis
  • Danton, Israel
  • Davis, Daniel
  • Davis, Jonas
  • Devol, Allen
  • Devol, Gilbert Jr.
  • Devol, Jonathan
  • Dodge, Isaac
  • Dodge, Oliver
  • Felshaw, Samuel
  • Flint, Hezekiah
  • Flint, Hezekiah Jr.
  • Foster, Peregrine
  • Gardner, John
  • Gary, William
  • Griswold, Benjamin
  • Kirtland, Elizur
  • Leonard, Theophilus
  • Lincoln, Joseph
  • Martin, Simeon
  • Mason, William
  • Matthews, John
  • Maxon, Henry
  • Meigs, Jonathan
  • Miller, William
  • Moulton, Edmund
  • Munro, Josiah
  • Porter, Amos
  • Putnam, Allen
  • Putnam, Jethro
  • Putnam, Rufus
  • Shaw, Benjamin
  • Sproat, Earl
  • Sproat, Ebenezer
  • Tupper, Anselem
  • Wallace, David
  • Wells, Joseph
  • White, Haffield
  • White, Joniah
  • White, Peletiah
  • Witridge, Josiah



Second Group (Fall 1788):

The Second Group of Ohio Company of Associates settlers

Settlers who arrived in Washington County, OH November 18, 1788.
The History of Washington County, OH / 1881 / page 53: Colonel Robert Oliver's family arrived November 18th, 1788 as is shown by a letter written that day by Rowena Tupper.

  • Backus, James
  • Battlelle, Ebenezer & Family
  • Bazaleel, Bryant
  • Brayman, James
  • Cheever, Lott
  • Cheever, Joshua
  • Chouchip, Jeffery
  • Crary, Frederick
  • Crary, Archibald
  • Coburn, Asa & Family
  • Coburn, Asa Jr. & Family
  • Coburn, Nicholas
  • Converse, Benjamin & Family
  • Converse, James
  • Cushing, Nathaniel & Family
  • Dana, Edmond
  • Dana, Luther
  • Delano, Cornelius
  • Denney, Samuel
  • Dicks, Narhan
  • Dorrenie, Samuel
  • Eldrige, Sylvanus
  • Elliott, Richard
  • Fearing, Paul
  • Fuller, Oliver
  • Gilbert, Jonathan
  • Goodale, Maj. Nathan & Family
  • Goodale, Timothy
  • Green, Charles & Family
  • Greene, Griffin & Family
  • Greene, Philip
  • Greene, Richard
  • Hart, Selah
  • Holand, ??
  • Hurlburt, Benoni & Family
  • Hutchinson, Thomas
  • Ingersoll, George
  • Kerr, Hamilton
  • Kimble, Ephraim
  • Knight, Theophilus
  • Knowles, Charles
  • Lasa, John
  • Laughton, Dick
  • Leach, James
  • Lord, Thomas
    Married a daughter of Col. Robert Oliver
  • Lunt, Ezra
  • Lunt, John
  • Lunt, William P
  • Matthewson, Jeffery
  • McGuffey, Neil
  • Miller, John
  • Minot, James
  • Mitchell, Samuel
  • Mitchell, John
  • Moody, Nathaniel & Family
  • Nye, Ichabod & Family
  • Oliver, Col. Alexander & Family
    son of Lancelot Oliver
  • Oliver, Lancelot
    son of Alexander, and grandson of Lancelot Oliver
  • Oliver, Col. Robert
  • Oliver, William
    son of Lancelot Oliver
  • Owen, James & Family
  • Parson, Samuel H.
  • Pierce, Isreal & Family
  • Putnam, Isreal
  • Putnam, Waldo
  • Rice, Oliver
  • Sargent, Winthrop
  • Skinner, John
  • Stanley, Elais
  • Stratton, John
  • Stratton, Samuel
  • True, Jebez
  • Tupper, Gen. Benjamin & Family
  • Tupper, Benjamin
  • Tupper, Edward
  • Tupper, Judah
  • Tyler, Dean
  • Varnum, James
  • Webster, Andrew & Family
  • Whittmore, Ebenezer
  • Woodward, Levi
  • Wright, Simeon





Ohio Company Land Grants, 1793:


Allotment No. 1,
Wisemans Bottom


Isaac Pierce
Cornelius Delano
Daniel Coggeshall
Nathl. Sawyer
Stephen Guthrie
Isaac Choate
Jno. Leavens
Wm. Bridge
Jno. Rouse
Jabez True
Samuel Barns
Wm. P. Putnam
Ezra Putnam
Daniel Goodenough
Israel Loring
Ezra Phillips
Wm. Dana, Jr.
Wm. Smith
Launcelot Oliver
Wm. Skinner
Dudley Odlin
Joseph Wells
David Wells
John Smith
Wm. P. Lunt
James Smith
Joseph Barker
Wm. Dana
Luther Dana
Richard Maxon
Henry Maxon
David Blake
Simeon Blake

Allotment No. 2,
Limestone Hill

Wm. Stacey
Wm. Stacey, Jr.
Joseph Stacey
Wm. Browning
Wm. R. Putnam
Joseph Wood
Philemon Stacey
Wm. Lake
R. J. Meigs
Simeon Wright
Daniel Storey
Abel Mathews
Saml. Mitchell
Edwd. Henderson
Eleazer Bullard
Ezra Putnam
Israel Stone
Sardine Stone
Jasper Stone
Samuel Browning
Christo. Burlingame
Samuel Bridge
Stephen Smith
Zoeth Hammond
Ebenr. Nye
Andrew Lake

Allotment No. 3,

Gilbert Semans
Saml. Sprague
Nathl. Hinckley
Nathl. Patterson
Niel McGaffey
Hez. Flint
Laton Dick
Major Fairchild
Wm. Newhall
Wm. Davis
Wm. Sprague
Nehemiah Sprague
James Patterson
Daniel Davis, Jr.
Daniel Maynard
Noah Sparhawk
Wanton Devol
Saml. Semans
Preserved Semans
Benja. Semans

Allotment No. 4,
Cats Creek

Joseph Gilman
Ebenr. Sproat
R. J. Meigs, Jr.
Hamilton Kerr
Jno. Nygswanger
Ben. I. Gilman
Asa Coburn, Jr.
Wm. Mason
Nathan Kinney
Jno. White
Nicholas Coburn
Andrew McCluer
Thomas Stanley
Jno. Russel
Anselm Tupper
Edwd. W. Tupper
Wm. Burnham
Benja. Beadle
Jona. Devol
Benja. Shaw
Joshua Shipman
Joseph Chapman
Ezra Chapman
Stephen Pierce
Robert Ellison
Jno. Meigs
Joseph Simons

Allotment No. 5,
Big Run

Dudley Woodbridge
Geo. Warth
Picket Marvin
Robert Warth
John Warth
Geo. Warth. Jr.
Peter Nygswanger
Geo. Kerr
Mathew Kerr
Alex. Scott
Thomas Hutchinson
Benja. Slocum
Isaac Mixer
Geo. Danner
Geo. Danner, Jr.
Jacob Danner
Saml. Danner
Daniel Dunham
Daniel Shepard
Jno. Drowne

Allotment No. 6,

Ebenr. Battelle
Richard Greene
Phillip Greene
Robert Bradford
Jnoa. Haskell
Wm. Mills
A. W. Putnam
Tim. Goodale
Jonas Davis
Isaac Barker
Silas Bent
Silas Bent, Jr.
Daniel Mayo
Francis Choate
Hoel Oaks

Allotment No. 7,
West Branch of Wolfe Creek

Joseph Lincoln
Elijah Warren
Pelatiah White
Jona. Baldwin
Benja. Mills
Isaac Robbins
Benja. Patterson
Russel Isham
Truman Guthrie
Saml. McClellan

Allotment No. 8,
South Branch of Wolfe Creek

Joseph Buell
Wm. Heart
Jno. Waterman
Asael Griffen
Selah Heart
Jno. Proctor
Sherman Waterman
Benja. Smith
Nathl. Evans
Caesar Mercy

Allotment No. 9,
West of Wolfcreek Mills

Rufus Bent
Wilbour Sprague
Gilbert Semans, Jr.
Joseph Fletcher
Michael Barker
Jno. Shepard
Edmund Moulton

Above Wolfe Creek
and near the Muskingum River

Eleazer Olney
Asa Olney
Sylvanus Olney
Peleg Springer
Nathl. Little
Eleazer Curtiss
Jona. Waite
James Owen
Charles Mills
Truman Hulburt
Jno. McGee
Caleb Bailey
Thomas Corey
Jacob Schoman
Daniel Curtiss
[Francois] Thierre[y]


Hulbert, Archer Butler, ed., The Records of the Original Proceedings of the Ohio Company (Ohio Company Series, Volume 2) (Marietta, Ohio: Marietta Historical Commission, 1917) pp. 146-151.





More Ohio Settlers:


  • Ayres, Ebenezer & Family
  • Babcock, Abijah
  • Bagley, Henry
  • Baker, Thaddeus
  • Baker, Benjamin
  • Baldwin, Able
  • Baldwin, David
  • Barker, David & Family
  • Barker, Isaac & Family
  • Barker, Joseph & Family
  • Beadle, Benjamin
  • Beck, William
  • Bent, Silas & Family
  • Bent, Silas Jr.
  • Blake, David & Family
  • Bradford, Robert & Family
  • Bull, Howell
  • Bull, Aaron
  • Bullard, Eleazer
  • Bullard, Asa
  • Burham, William
    Married a daughter of Col. Robert Oliver
  • Cady, Spuire
  • Cald, Arnold
  • Casey, Wanton
  • Clark, Arnold
  • Clark, Joseph
  • Clough, Aaron
  • Cogswell, Daniel & Family
  • Cory, Thomas
  • Cummins, Joseph
  • Cushing, Elijah
  • Dana, William & Family
  • Davis, Samuel
  • Delano, Cornelius
  • Devol, Gidoen
  • Devol, Gilbert Esquire & Family
  • Devol, Jonathan
  • Devol, Wanton & Family
  • Dodge, John & Family
  • Drown, Solomon
  • Dunham, Daniel & Family
  • Dunham, Daniel Jr.
  • Fairchild, Major ?
  • Farley, Thomas
  • Fearing, Noah
  • Flagg, Gersham & Family
  • Foster, Paul
  • Gilson, Joseph & Family
  • Gilson, Thomas
  • Gridley, William & Family
  • Griffin, Caleb
  • Hamilton, Nathaniel
  • Haskell, Jonathan
  • Kelly, James & Family
  • King, Zebulon
  • Kinney, Nathan
  • Knight, Theophilus
  • Lathve, John
  • Leaveus, Joseph & Family
  • Lord, Elisha
  • Lucus, Issack
  • Maxon, Richard & Family
  • Mayo, Daniel
  • McClure, Andrew
  • Mervin, Picket
  • Miles, Benjamin & Family
  • Mills, Charles
  • Mills, William
  • Miller, Edward
  • Mitchell, John
  • Mitchell, Robert
  • Mixer, Issac
  • Morse, Moses
  • Munsell, Levi & Family
  • Newell, Samuel & Family
  • Newell, William
  • Newton, Sylvanus & Family
  • Oaks, Joel
  • P??, Daniel
  • Parker, William & Family
  • Parson, Enoch
  • Patten, James
  • Patterson, James & Family
  • Patterson, Nathaniel
  • Phillips, Ezra
  • Pierce, Phineas
  • Pierce, Stephen & Family
  • Plummer, Jonathan
  • Porter, Ebenezer & Family
  • Prime, Joseph & Family
  • Putnam, David
  • Putnam, Evra Jr.
  • Rowel, Daniel
  • Rouse, John & Family
  • Rouse, Michael
  • Russell, John
  • Sawyer, Nathaniel & Family
  • Shipman, Joshua & Family
  • Slocumb, Benjamin & Family
  • Smit, Jonathan
  • Smith, Benjamin
  • Smith, John
  • Smith, Platt
  • Smith, Stephen
  • Stacey, John
  • Stacey, Philip
  • Stacey, Rufus
  • Stacey, Col. William & Family
  • Stebbins, Samuel
  • Stone, Jonathan & Family
  • Story, Andrew
  • Story, Joseph
  • Sprague, Jonathan
  • Sprague, William & Family
  • Springer, Peleg
  • Stanley, Thomas & Family
  • Thompson, Joseph
  • Tias, Alexander
  • Tias, Eliphalet
  • Tuttle, Joel & Family
  • Tuttle, Linus
  • Walker, James
  • Warren, Elijah
  • Webster, Luke
  • Wells, David & Family
  • Wells, Thomas
  • Whipple, Abraham & Family
  • Whipple, Hoh H.
  • Whipple, Jeremiah & Family
  • White, John
  • Wilson, George & Family
  • Wilson, William & Family
  • Winsor, David & Family
  • Woodbridge, Dudley & Family
  • Woodburry, Nathan