book of records of the town of Southampton (Abstract)


? Sayre Howell

b. abt. 1634 (Bedfordshire, England) - d. 1662 (Bedfordshire, England)



Sayre Family by Theodore Melvin Banta (Page 24)

Daughter (of Thomas Sayre) m. Edmund Howell, who was born about 1635 and died in N.J. 1706.


book of records of the town of Southampton (Abstract)

Edmond Howell sells to his father in law Thomas Sayre, all that belongs to said Edmund by right of his father deceased, from ye towne, in exchange for Thomas Sayre's share of the highway between the home lots of Thomas Sayre and Edmund Howell. March ye 14th 1663





  • Elizabeth Howell
    b. 1653 - d. ?
  • Richard Howell
    b. 1658 - d. 1701
  • Hugh Howell Sr.
    b. 1659 - d. 1745
  • Daniel Howell
    b. 1660 - d. ?






Edmund Howell

Married abt. 1652 (Bedfordshire, England)





Thomas Sayre

b. 1597 (England) - d. 1671 (NY)




Margaret Aldrich Sayre

b. 1601 (England) - d. 1653 (NY)