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Edward Howell one of the undertakers and first settlers of the Town of Southampton and father of John and Edmund Howell...



Sir Edward Howell

b. July 22, 1584 (Buckinghamshire, England) - d. Oct. 6, 1655 (Queens, NY)
Old Southhampton Cemetery (Suffolk Co., NY)


There is a wonderful website that documents the family of Sir Edward Howell






The history of the water mill begins with Edward Howell who came to Southampton, Long Island in 1640 with English colonists from Lynn, Massachusetts. Howell had owned a water mill on a pond in Lynn so it was not surprising that he settled on a 100-acre pond three miles from Southampton for his new venture.


Howell - the wealthiest citizen of the new colony and its magistrate - got the town to give him 40 acres on the pond and to provide labor and money to support his project. The mill was built and millstones hewn from two boulders found in the moraine north of the site. Oral history places this first mill, which was probably grinding by 1644, several hundred yards north of it current site on Mill Creek.


In 1726, and again in 1789, permission was granted by the town to move the mill south and build a combination dam/roadway at its present location. There's no record indicating whether the mill was moved intact or if parts were used to construct a new mill - but the latter is considered most likely. The original mill may have had an overshot wheel but at the new site an undershot wheel was used. Evidence uncovered in the basement of the mill suggests that at sometime in its operation a horizontal tub water wheel was in use.













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