Land grant for William Howell


Served in the
War of 1812

William served as Private from 31 July 1777 to 31 May 1778 under Capt. Gabriel Long of Louudoun County in Revolutionary War. He was listed as a Sergant in Capt. Henry McCabe,s Company of Col. Morgan,s 11th Virginia Regt. 1783.


The following is taken from Vol. III, pages 1266-67, of the Virginia Soldiers of 1776: "A list of the officers and men belonging to my company as present when discharged by Col. Dabney which ought to have certificated; they having served their full tower." Signed Henry McCabe, Capt; Geo. Neilson, Ensigh; William Howell, Elijah Hickxon, Hohn Jackson, Andrew Petitt and William Drilst; Sergants. (followed by a list of 24 privates). "The officers and men of the above list having well and truly performed their Tower of dutty are hereby discharged the service."

Signed Charles Dabney, Lt. Col. Commandant, 1st Militia Brigade, 1783.


William Howell

b. abt. 1745 (Hunterdon, NJ) - d. April 1817 (Loudoun Co., VA)




!"The Howells of New Jersey, Virginia, OH and Points West", Richard E. Wallace, Robert W. Cameron, Carmen J. Finley, 1994, HeritageBooks, Inc.Bowie, MD., pp 18, 60-65.

Jesse Howell was the Administrator of the Estate of William Howell, his father. (Sc: Will Book M, page 304, 30 Apr 1817).

In 1817, 27 Oct an Indenture was made between Abner HOWELL and wife Priscilla, Abel HOWELL and wife Naomi all of Loudoun County, VA., and Thomas WEST and wife Margaret HOWELL of State of OH, first part, and Jesse HOWELL of Loudoun County, VA, second part.

Parties of the first part, bargain and sold to Jesse HOWELL for the sum of $328.00, all their right, title and interest in and to the lease lot of land formerly occupied by William HOWELL, deceased, and at present Abner HOWELL (Sc: Deed Book 2-W, page 84, Loudoun County, VA.).

This was the same land having been leased unto Thomas HUMPHERY and by G. NICHOLAS, Agent for George Wm. FAIRFAX on 20 Oct 1787. (Sc: Deed Book 2-V, page 22).  Land consist of 116 acres, being on the Southeast side of the Blue Ridge Mountain. 

A 6 Nov 1832 deposition in Henderson County, KY, relating to the pension application for Isaiah MARKS, lists Margaret (of the state of OH) as the daughter of Patsy HOWELL, alias MARKS.

Some data obtained from Frances Jones, 108 St. Leo Drive, Cahokia, IL / 62206 sent in her 30 Dec 1990 letter.

MARRIAGE: John Voght & T. William Kethley, Jr., Virginia Historic Marriage Register--Loudoun County Marriages 1760-1850, Iberian Publishing County Athens, GA.,1985, p. 308.
William Howell [probably the William who was her (Margarets) father] was a bondsman, along with Thomas West, for her marriage to Thomas West.




  • Jesse Howell
    b. 1770 - d. 1854
    Married Hannah James (b. 1772 - d. 1852)

  • Abner Howell
    b. 1775 - d. 1841
    Married Priscilla Wade (b. 1780 - d. 1840)
  • Abel Howell
    b. 1778 - d. 1854
    Married Naomi Reed (b. 1778 - d. 1872)
  • Margaret Howell West
    b. 1782 - d. ?




Martha Patsy Marks Howell

Married 1769 (Loudoun Co., VA)


According to DAR microfilm records, William was turned out of the Quaker Church for military activities and service. He was also amonished for having married a Baptist, Martha Marks.


Although William was expelled from the Quaker Church for his military service and marriage to Martha, all his Bible records listing births and deaths were kept in the Quaker style, with time and day listed with all dates. Bible records show that he died in his 75th year




Hugh Howell Jr.





Margaret Hixon Howell

b. 1720 (NJ) - d. 1801 (VA)