Gabriel Hughes


Hughs Cemetery
(Jackson Twp., Noble Co., Ohio)



1860 US Census
Jackson, Noble Co., OH

Gabriel Hughs
Age in 1860:
Birth Year:
abt 1801
Home in 1860:
Jackson, NobleOhio
Post Office:
Gabriel Hughs
Isaac Hughs
Loyd Hughs
John R Hughs
Margaret E Hughs
Bonam Hughs



1880 US Census
Jackson, Noble Co., OH

Gabriel Hughs
Eveline Hughs
John R. Hughs
Bonam B. Hughs
Alpharetta Reed



Gabriel "Gabe" Hughes

b. 1797 (Hardin Co., VA) - d. Jan. 11, 1891 (Noble Co., OH)
Hughs Cemetery (Jackson Twp., Noble Co., OH)


History of Noble County, Ohio, published by L.H. WATKINS & Co., 1887.

Gabriel HUGHS was born in Hardin County, Virginia, and has resided in Ohio since he was three years old. He has had far more experience in dealing with the world than usually falls to citizens of a new country; also more extensive aquaintance with the difficulties and hardships that pioneers have to encounter.


For fifteen years he peddled bells for the Keiths, traveling through northern Ohio and parts of Indiana. At first he went on horseback; then as business grew better, with a wagon. The bells found a ready sale almost everywhere and the business was profitable. Mr. HUGHS has owned and conveyed a very large amount of real estate during his lifetime. In his boyhood Gabriel HUGHS followed hunting with as much enjoment as that occupation afforded to his father. Once his father shot and killed an old bear not far from his home, and the cubs which accompanied her, ran up a tree. Returning home for an ax, he went back to the place where the dead bear lay, attended by his sons, Amos and Gabriel, and his brother Jonathan. The cubs were seen on the ground but ran up a tree as the party approached. The tree was soon felled and four cubs were secured - three alive and one dead. Gabriel took a cub in his arms to carry home. After he had walked some distance the young bear became uneasy, manifested a desire to get down, and finally bit its captor. Gabriel threw it down and kicked it to death. One of the cubs was kept until three years old, becoming very tame so that it could be led by a rope around its neck. Mr. HUGHS finally sold it for $3.00 and a pen-knife.


When a boy of sixteen, Gabriel was accidently shot by Timothy Gates while the two were deer hunting. The boy was shot in the face and his his jaw broken. His companion carried him to the nearest cabin, where he remained until the next morning, when he was carried home on a quilt and featherbed. He was five mile from home when the accident happened.


(A note of interest is that a family member, many years later has stated that just a few years before he died, a piece of the ball was dug out from the back of his neck).





  • Sarah (Hughes) Jordan
    b. June, 3 1834 -d. April 10, 1927
    Married Sidney G. Jordan (b. 1834 OH - d. 1927 IA). / Children: Infant Girl (b. and d. 1857), Orren W. Jordan (b. 1858 OH), Francena Jordan (b. 1860 OH), Isaac D. Jordan (b. 1861 OH).
  • Lucy Hughes
    b. Jun 6, 1840 (OH) -d. Oct. 19, 1858 (Noble Co., OH)
  • Isaac Hughes
    b. Nov. 28, 1841(Morgan Co., OH) - d. Nov. 22, 1865 (Noble Co., OH)
  • Eliza Hughes
    b. Oct. 3, 1843 (Morgan Co., OH) - d. June 13, 1844 (Noble Co., OH)
  • Lloyd Hughes
    b. April 18, 1845 (Morgan Co., OH) - Dec. 10, 1920 (Noble, Co., Ohio)
    Married Sarah J Graves (b. 1852 - d. 1902 OH) in 1873. / Children: Rosella Hughes-McAuley (b. 1875 OH/Married Lem McAuley Nov. 24, 1921), Hanford P. Hughes (b. 1878 OH/Married Clara B. Hardin (b. 1884 Beverly OH) in 1905), Fulton C. Hughes (b. 1887 OH-d. 1966/Married Hallie M. Shriver in 1905).
  • John R. Hughes
    b. Feb. 21, 1847 (Morgan Co., OH) - d. Oct. 25, 1916 (?)
    Married1: Mary L. Beckley (b. 1866 OH - d. 1890 OH) in 1884 / Children: Harry E. (b. 1884 OH), Pearly R. (b. 1886 OH), Marjorie B. Hughes-Love (b. 1888 OH/ Married2: Amos E. Love (b. 1883) in 1907), Audbrey O. (b. 1890 OH). / Married3: Ceola D. Tilton (b. 1861 OH) in 1891 / Children: Franklin T. (b. 1894 OH), Alma (b. 1898 OH)
  • Margaret Ellen (Hughes) Haga
    b. 1848 - d. 1932 / Married Levi Haga (b. 1837 - d. 1912)
    Shaffer Church Cemetery (Noble Co., Ohio)
    Children: Harry H. Haga (b. 1873), Benjamin D. Haga (b. 1874), Orris I. Haga (b. 1880), Charles B. Haga (b. 1885)
  • Mary Jane (Hughes) Francis
    b.1851- d. 1930
  • Montford Hughes
    b. 1852 (Noble Co., OH) - d.?
  • Benjamin "Bonam" Hughes
    b. Oct. 6, 1853 (Noble Co., OH) - March 28, 1939 (Noble Co., OH)
    Keithtown Cemetery (Morgan County, OH)
    Married Elizabeth Lothes (b.?) May 7, 1883 (Noble Co., OH) / Children: Nora Hughes (b. 1884 - d. 1967), Fredrick C. Hughes (b. July 11, 1886 - d. 1955 IL), Marmaduke "Duke" Hughes (b. 1889 OH - d. 1979 OH), Lotis Hughes (b. 1891 - 1986 OH) / Benjamin and Elizabeth are both at Keithtown Cemetery / NOTE: My grandmother remembers her father talking of this uncle often. He referred to them as Uncle Bone and Aunt Lizzie.
  • Eveline Hughes
    b. Feb. 22, 1856 (Morgan Co., OH) - d. Oct. 19, 1856 (Noble Co., OH)





Eveline Reed Hughes

Married Dec. 14, 1810

m c1850 Noble Co,Ohio sp-Eveline REED

14 Dec 1810 Guernsey Co,Ohio - 3.6.1881 Jackson Twp, Noble Co,Ohio




Aaron Hughes


History of Noble County, Ohio, published by L.H. WATKINS & Co., 1887.

Aaron Hughes had a family of seven sons and five daughters. The names of his children were: Phebe, Josie, Polly, Lucy, Rebecca, James, Amos, Gabriel, Aaron, Jonathan, William and John. Of these Gabriel is the only one now living in the county. William, John and Lucy still survive, and are residents of Iowa.



Lucy Steward Hughes