Served in
Revolutionary War


Reverand John Marks

b Sept. 21, 1716 (Montgomery Co. PA) - d. March 3, 1788 (Loudoun Co., VA)
Short Hill Cem (Loudoun Co., VA)




(This information was received from a "roots website" and then the Montgomery Baptist Church was contacted in 2004 by phone and they verified that John Marks was sent out by their authority.)

Broad Run Baptist Church, Virginia - 1762
The Montgomery Baptist Church in Montgomery Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania released John Marks on August 12, 1761 to go to Virginia where he and a man by the name of David Thomas organized the Broad Run Baptist Church on December 2, 1762.







Miriah Ledyard

b. 1720 - 1788


Married about 1743 (PA)




Joseph Marks

b. 1671 (Montgomery Co., MA) - d. 1775 (Montgomery Co., PA)




Mary Hedder Marks

b. 1673 (MA) - d. 1750 (PA)