Wolf Creek Mill
present day Waterford Grange Hall

(Waterford, Wash. Co., OH)




Land Deed Abstract

Waterford, Wash Co., OH


X-547 - Robert Oliver of Waterford, Washington Co. to James (?) of Marietta for $170. Quit Claim. 100 acres. wife of Robert Oiver. 14 May 1798. /wit: Israel Putnam, Wm. Rufus Putnam, Haffierld White, Levi Allen, Josiah Munro, J.P.






Mary "Molly" Walker Oliver

b. 1747 (?) - d. 1809 (Waterford, Wash. Co., OH)


From "The Hisroy of Washington Co., OH"
A meagre light is thrown upon the character of the brave and prudent women of the early settlement by an incident which occurred at Wolf Creek mills shortly after peace with the Indians, but while straggling natives were yet frequent visitors at the cabins of the settlers. An Indian in a state of intoxication came to the mills and was roughly treated by a miller named Fry. He showed. signs of anger, and indicated a purpose to have revenge. Mrs. Oliver (Mollie Walker-Oliver), who understood Indian character, gained his attention at this point and induced him to engage in a game of quoits with herself and two other women. He finally left the settlement in the best of humor, and no occasion for anxiety remained behind.



Washington County, OH Wills & Estates Website:

Will of Col. Robert Oliver
Will made 5-9-1811, Probated 1811. Children, William, Lancelot, Mary, Minerva, Eliza, Robert, Anne (Quigley); Christiana, wife of William Burnham; Eleanor, wife of Thomas Lord and her children; heirs of daughter Mary, who married in New England and long since deceased; Isabel, wife of James Brown; Mary, Minerva, Elizabeth G., and Catherine Oliver, relationship not stated. Margaret Waterman. / Book 1, Page 192






  • Anna (Oliver) Quigley
    b. 1765 - d. 1829
  • Christina (Oliver) Burnham
    b. Jan. 23, 1767 (Mass.) - d. Sept. 28, 1825 (Muskingum Co., OH)
    Married Capt. William Burnham in 1789 (Washington Co., OH) / The Ohio Company: William is listed with the 3rd group of settlers who arrived in Marietta.
  • Mary Oliver
    b. 1768 (Franklin Co., MA) - d. 1811 (MA)
    Married Robert McIntire (b. 1760) in New England
  • Lanslot Oliver
    b. April 7, 1771 - d. April 15, 1771
  • William Oliver
    b. 1772 (Massachusetts) - d. Nov. 6, 1860 (IL)
    Married Liza Unknown (b. 1775) in 1795 (Washington Co., OH) / Children: Catherine Oliver (b.?), Eliza Oliver (b.?), Elizabeth Oliver (b.?), Lancelot Oliver (b.?), Mary Oliver (b. ?), Minerva Oliver (b.?), Robert P. Oliver (b. 1799), David S. Oliver (b. 1803), William S. Oliver (b. 1813), John W. Oliver (b. 1817) / listed on the census of the Inhabitants of Waterford Twp., Wash. Co., OH 1800.
  • Margaret (Oliver) Waterman
    b. March 31, 1774 (Franklin Co., MA) - d. ?
    Married John Waterman in 1804
  • Eleanor (Oliver) Lord
    b. Oct. 18, 1777 (Franklin Co., MA) - d. ? (Knox Co., OH)
    Married Thomas Lord (b. 1757 - d. 1817) in 1795 (Washington Co., OH) /The Ohio Company: Thomas is listed with the second group of settlers to arrive in Marietta OH in 1778 / He was a Justice of the Peace.
  • Isabel (Oliver) Brown
    b. 1780 (Franklin Co., MA) - d. ?
    Married James Luke Brown (b. 1780) in 1800 (Washington Co., OH) / James Brown is listed on the census of the Inhabitants of Waterford Twp., Wash. Co., OH 1800.
  • Robert Oliver Jr.
    b. 1782 (Franklin Co., MA) - d. ?
    Married Polly Jordan (b. ?) in 1809 (Washington Co., OH) / Email from W Smith (author of a family history on this family) While returning from New Orleans with supplies and a sum of money, Robert Jr. was found dead and penniless on the river bank near Galipolis.







Col. Robert Oliver

Married October 13, 1763 (Worcester, MA)


Massachuesetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988: Robert Oliver of Rutland District & Mary Walker of Worcester were married Oct. 13, 1763




William Walker