Cedar Ridge Cemetery
(Waterford, Wash. Co., OH)


Served in
Revolutionary War


Entered service as Lieut. marching with a company of Minute Men to Cambridge where he was advanced to Captaincy in the 3rd Mass. Regt.  In 1777 he was commissioned Maj and 1779 promoted to Lt. Col. of the 10th Regt. At the close of war made Colonel by brevet.



Biographical & Historical Memoirs of the early Pioneer Settler of Ohio, with Narratives of Incidents and Occurrences in 1775. by S.P. Hildreth, M.D. (to which is Annexed "A Journal of Occurrences which Happened in the Circles of the Author's Personal Observation, in the Detachment Comanded by Col, Benedict Arnold, consisting of two Battalions From the United States Army, At Cambridge, Mass., in A.D. 1775" by Colonel R.J. Meigs) Pub. 1852 / Pages 391 - 395


History of Washington County, Ohio (1880):

Colnel Robert Oliver born in 1738 in Northern Ireland, came to Massachusetts with his parents when he was young. He served in the Revolutionary War.


In 1788 he came with 14 men of the Ohio Company sent by George Washington, to open up the Northwest Territory. He and two other men set up and operated a grist mill at plainfield wich is now called Waterford.


He served as Judge of Common Pleas Court and held many other offices until his death around 1812. He had 6 daughters and 2 sons.





1788 Residence

Marietta, Wash Co., OH


Campus Martius Stockade, Marietta, Washington County, Ohio



1789 Occupation

Police Commissioner; Marietta, Washington County, Ohio and Grist Mill owner and operator; Millsburgh (now Waterford), Ohio, on Wolf Creek.




Robert Oliver was High Priest, American Union Lodge #1 (military lodge of the Masonic Order Masonic Lodge), Marietta, Ohio




Land Deed Abstract

Waterford, Wash Co., OH


X-547 - Robert Oliver of Waterford, Washington Co. to James (?) of Marietta for $170. Quit Claim. 100 acres. wife of Robert Oiver. 14 May 1798. /wit: Israel Putnam, Wm. Rufus Putnam, Haffierld White, Levi Allen, Josiah Munro, J.P.


Bet 1799 and 1803

Senator of Territorial Legislature



1800 Census

Waterford, Wash Co., OH


listed on the census of the Inhabitants of Waterford Twp., Wash. Co., OH.



From the book "Cornerstones" by Winnie Smith Johnson:

Before his death, Oliver owned 100 acres of land, around what is now the Waterford Grange Hall and from Flint Run to the crossing of the south fork of Wolf Creek.



Col. Robert Richard Oliver

b. 1738 (Worchester Co., MA) - d. May 1810/11 (Waterford, Wash. Co., OH)

Cedar Ridge Cemetery (Washington Co., Ohio)


Launan's Biographical Annals of Civic Government of the US during it's firs Centry:

Robert Oliver was born in Boston 1738 and removed when young to Barre, Mass. He was a lieutenant in the army in 1775 and marched to Cambridge as a Captain. He is a Major in 1777 and in 1782 was brevetted as Colonel. He distinguished himself at Saratoga in storming the German entrenchment - acted as Adjutant General of the Northern Army. Excelled as a disciplinarian. He was amoung the first settlers of Ohio 1788. A Representative to the Territorial Legislature 1798. Councillor 1799. President of the council 1800-1803. Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. He died at Waterfod, Ohio in May 18??, where he had erected the first millss in Ohio, in Company with Major Haffield White and Captain John Dodge.



Pioneers who arrived in Marietta, OH with the 2nd group of Ohio Company Associates in August of 1788 includes:

William Oliver, Alexander Oliver & Family, Launcelot Oliver, Robert Oliver and Thomas Lord (Married Robert's daughter Eleanor).



The History of Washington County, OH / 1881 / page 53:
Colonel Robert Oliver
's family arrived November 18th, 1788 as is shown by a letter written that day by Rowena Tupper. She says: "What do I hear below? Colonel Oliver is now landing, I fly to meet them"...



The History of Washington County Ohio (Published in 1881) page 461:

Colonel Robert Oliver

It is a fortunate circumstance that so many of the colony of first settlers were men of superior character and ability. One of the most useful members of the Ohio company was Colonel Robert Oliver. He was born in 1738 in the North of Ireland. His parents moved to America while Robert was young, and settled on a farm in Worcester County, Massachusetts. His education was as good as the schools of that period afforded.


He entered the Revolution as a lieutenant, but at the close of the war had advanced to the position of Colonel. He served under General Rufus Putnam in the campaign against Burgoyne, and was highly complimented as a disciplinarian. After the close of the war he again settled on a farm, where he lived quietly until 1786, when he volunteered to assist in putting down Shay's rebellion.


Upon the formation of the Ohio company he invested in two shares of their land and came to Marietta in the summer of 1788. The formation of the Millsburgh colony and the erection of Wolf Creek mills is fully noticed in the chapter on Watertown.


In 1790 Colonel Oliver was elected to fill the vacancy on the board of directors of the Ohio company caused by the death of General Parsons. His services in the capacity were of great value, especially during the trying period of the Indian war.


Colonel Oliver was the colleague of Colonel Meigs in the first territorial legislature, and was selected as one of the council, which was composed of five representatives, nominated by the governor and commissiond by the President of the United States. In 1800 he was chosen president of the council. He served as colonel of militia, and judge of the court of common pleas. He served his township as magistrate until his death, which occurred in May 1810.


The few persons yet living who knew him bear testimony of the high regard in which he was held, especially in Waterford, where his private life was known and appreciated.



From the book "Cornerstones, Stories of the Lower Muskingum Valley" by Winnie Smith Johnson.

Robert Oliver was elected a representative from Washington County in 1798, to serve in the first territorial legislature. The governor then selected five men to act as a legislative council, performing much the same duties as the state senators today. Oliver was one of the fieve selected and he received his commission from John Adams, then president of the United States. In 1800, Oliver was elected president of this council and served until the formation of the state government in 1803.


In 1795, Governor Arthur St. Clair had appointed him Lieutenant Colonel of the First Regiment of the Territorial militia and Colonel in the Second Regiment. He was also appointed one of the judges of the Common Pleas Court of Washington County. He served as a Justice of the Peace until his death.



Hildreth's History of Washington County, Ohio

Lt. Col. Robert Oliver—3rd Mass. Regiment- Born 1738 in Boston, Mass, and died in 1811- Was a Representative from Washington County in Territorial Legislature in 1798.



Washington County, OH Wills & Estates Website:

Will made 5-9-1811, Probated 1811. Children, William, Lancelot, Mary, Minerva, Eliza, Robert, Anne (Quigley); Christiana, wife of William Burnham; Eleanor, wife of Thomas Lord and her children; heirs of daughter Mary, who married in New England and long since deceased; Isabel, wife of James Brown; Mary, Minerva, Elizabeth G., and Catherine Oliver, relationship not stated. Margaret Waterman. / Book 1, Page 192





  • Anna (Oliver) Quigley
    b. 1765 - d. 1829
  • Christina (Oliver) Burnham
    b. Jan. 23, 1767 (Mass.) - d. Sept. 28, 1825 (Muskingum Co., OH)
    Married Capt. William Burnham in 1789 (Washington Co., OH) / The Ohio Company: William Burnham is listed with the 3rd group of settlers who arrived in Marietta in 1779.
  • Mary Oliver
    b. 1768 (Franklin Co., MA) - d. 1811 (MA)
    Married Robert McIntire (b. 1760) in New England
  • Lanslot Oliver
    b. April 7, 1771 - d. April 15, 1771
  • William Oliver
    b. 1772 (Massachusetts) - d. Nov. 6, 1860 (IL)
    Married Liza Unknown (b. 1775) in 1795 (Washington Co., OH) / Children: Catherine Oliver (b.?), Eliza Oliver (b.?), Elizabeth Oliver (b.?), Lancelot Oliver (b.?), Mary Oliver (b. ?), Minerva Oliver (b.?), Robert P. Oliver (b. 1799), David S. Oliver (b. 1803), William S. Oliver (b. 1813), John W. Oliver (b. 1817) / listed on the census of the Inhabitants of Waterford Twp., Wash. Co., OH 1800.
  • Margaret (Oliver) Waterman
    b. March 31, 1774 (Franklin Co., MA) - d. ?
    Married John Waterman in 1804
  • Eleanor (Oliver) Lord
    b. Oct. 18, 1777 (Franklin Co., MA) - d. ? (Knox Co., OH)
    Married Thomas Lord (b. 1757 - d. 1817) in 1795 (Washington Co., OH) /The Ohio Company: Thomas is listed with the second group of settlers to arrive in Marietta OH in 1778 / He was a Justice of the Peace.
  • Isabel (Oliver) Brown
    b. 1780 (Franklin Co., MA) - d. ?
    Married James Luke Brown (b. 1780) in 1800 (Washington Co., OH) / James Brown is listed on the census of the Inhabitants of Waterford Twp., Wash. Co., OH 1800.
  • Robert Oliver Jr.
    b. 1782 (Franklin Co., MA) - d. ?
    Married Polly Jordan (b. ?) in 1809 (Washington Co., OH) / Email from W Smith (author of a family history on this family) While returning from New Orleans with supplies and a sum of money, Robert Jr. was found dead and penniless on the river bank near Galipolis.






Mary "Molly" Walker Oliver

Married October 13, 1763 (Worcester, MA)


Massachuesetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988: Robert Oliver of Rutland District & Mary Walker of Worcester were married Oct. 13, 1763





Lancelot Oliver



Mary Walker Oliver

b. abt. 1706 (Ireland) - d. Aug. 20, 1788 (Hampden Co., MA)