1800 US Census

Newtown, Washington, Territory Northwest of the River Ohio


James Pyott


1810 US Census

Haverford, Delaware, Pennsylvania


James Pyott


2 Males under 10 (Benjamin & James Jr.), 1 Male 16-25 (John), 1 Male 26-44 (James Piatt Sr.), 2 Females under 10 (Nancy & Mary Piatt Conger), 1 Female 16-25 (Elizabeth), 1 Female 26-44 (Nancy Coleman Piatt)



1810 Tax List

Newton Twp. Washington Co., OH


James Piatt



1820 US Census

Center, Monroe, Ohio


James Piatt

1 Male under 10 (Thomas), 2 Males 10-15 (Benjamin & James Jr.), 1 male over 45 (James Piatt), 2 females under 10 (Lovinia & Julia Ann), 1 female 10-15 (Nancy), 1 female 16-25 (Elizabeth), 1 female 26-44 (Nancy Coleman Piatt).


NOTE: Mary Piatt married Stephen Conger in 1819 and is listed with him on this census. Elizabeth did not marry until 1824.




U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907

Monroe OH - 1837


James Piatt
Issue Date:
20 Mar 1837
Ohio River Survey
Accession Number:
Metes and Bounds:
Land Office:
US Reservations:
Mineral Reservations:
April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)
Document Number:




1840 US Census

Center, Monroe, Ohio


James Piatt

1 Male 20-29 (?), 1 Male 70-79 (James Piatt), 1 Female 5-9, 1 Female 50-59 (Barbara Bruce Craig Piatt)




James Piatt Sr.

b. 1765 (Franklin Co., PA) - d. June 14, 1847 (Monroe Co., OH)



The Piatt Family Newsletter, edited by E M White of Rockledge, Florida.  Information submitted by B L Piatt: Tradition says that James, Sr's wife Nancy died in 1850.  However, in 1843 James and his wife Barbery transferred land to James H. Craig.  This Barbary is thought to be Barbara Bruce Craig Piatt, James' second wife.  No records of the deaths of these last three people have been found, nor any indication of the location of their graves.





NOTE: I have seen many sources listing Hannah Piatt Conger as a daughter of James Piatt, however, Hannah does not fit into any census with this family, and I have found no records that list James Piatt as her father.  I have found a record that listed Hannah Piatt Conger as the daughter of John Piatt.


  • John Piatt
    b. Aug. 17, 1796 (Ohio Co., VA) - d. March 22, 1880 (Watertown, Washington Co., Ohio)
    Married Elizabeth Keesee or Keezy? (b. June 13, 1803 VA - d. 1886) / Children: Jacob Piatt (b. 1819 OH - more below), Benjamin (b. 1828), Thomas Piatt (b. 1822 - d. 1882 Watertown/Married Jane Congleton b.1829 OH), David A. Piatt (b. 1833-d.1888 Watertown, Washington Co., OH). / April 1, 1880 - From a local Paper (Unknown Title): Mr. John PIATT, of Watertown, aged about eighty years, died very suddenly Monday morning, March 22d.

    ---------------------- Jacob Piatt b. 1819 (Monroe Co., OH) - d. bet. 1860 - 1886 / Married Elizabeth Eleanor Allen (b. 1820) in 1840 (Monroe Co., OH) / Children: John Piatt (b. 1842 OH - Married Mary Truax b. 1845 - d. 1916, thier daughter Sarah J. Piatt b. 1868 married Jacob Allen / their daughter Rebecca A. Piatt married John W. Allen in 1902 Jackson Co.,OH)
  • Elizabeth (Piatt) Powell
    b. Aug. 23, 1798 (WV) - d. Jun. 13, 1886 (OH)
    Married Joshua W. Powell (b. 1796 VA) in 1824 (Guernsey Co., OH)
    - -
  • Mary Piatt Conger
    b. abt. 1802 (Monroe Co., OH)
  • Nancy Piatt
    b. 1804 (Monroe Co., OH) - d. 1824 (OH)

  • James Piatt Jr.
    b. Nov. 4, 1806 (Belmont Co., OH) - d. 1840 (Monroe Co., OH)
    Married Catherine Moffet (b. ?) in 1825 /Shawnee Heeritage by Don Greene: Moffett, George aka Kiteihoo-Kitahoe, husband of Mary Mekoche, father of Catherine Moffet 1/2 Mekoche-Metis.) / Children: John P. Piatt (b. 1831 Monroe Co., OH)
    --------------------John P. Piatt b. 1831 OH - d. 1897 Monroe Co., OH / Married: Elizabeth Jane Shriver (b. 1833) / Children: Margaret E. Piatt (b. 1859), Madison G. Piatt (b. 1861), Martha A. Piatt (b. 1864), Mary A. Piatt (b. 1866), Minerva E. Piatt (b. 1868), Forrest M. Piatt (b. 1870)
  • Benjamin Piatt
    b. June 19, 1809 (Monroe Co., OH) - d. Aug. 30, 1892 (Watertown, Washington Co., OH)
    Married Eliza ? (b. 1815 OH) / Death Cert: Benjamin Piatt died Aug 30, 1892 in Watertown, OH. He was a farmer, and was married, DOB 1809.
  • Thomas Piatt
    b. March 7, 1813 (Belmont Co., OH) - d. April 27, 1881 (Jackson Co., WV)
    Married Emily ? (b. 1818 OH)
  • Lovinia Piatt
    b. March 20, 1814 (OH) - d. ?
  • Julia Ann (Piatt) Dougherty
    b. Jan. 6, 1817 or 18 (OH) - d. ?
    Married John Dougherty (b. 1813 PA) / Child: Sarah (Dougherty) Smith (b. 1840 OH - d. 1929 OH) - Sarah married Zachariah Smith (b. 1840 OH) / Shawnee Heritage I by Don Greene: Julia Ann Dougherty is listed as the sister of John Dougherty (children of Louis Dougherty), but I belive she was John's wife and Louis Dougherty's daughter-in-law. The book list Julia and John as both being 1/2 Pekowi-Seneca.
  • Sarah Ann "Sally" (Piatt) Craige
    b. June 19, 1820 (Monroe Co., OH) - d.?
    Married John Craige (b.?)





Nancy (Coleman) Piatt

b. 1778 (Ohio Co., VA) - d. 1835 (Monroe Co., OH)


CAUTION: I have not found a Marraige Cert., but it is belived James Piatt and Nancy Coleman were married about 1796. Some sources list Nancy as the daughter of John Coleman & Hannah Farnsworth.




Barbara Bruce Craig Piatt

b. 1777 (DE) - d. ?
Married James Piatt Sr. in 1843.






Jacob Piatt Jr



Elizabeth (Unknown / Pekowi Shawnee) Piatt

b. 1735 (PA) - d. 1789 (Washington, PA)


Shawnee Heritage, by Don Greene

1259 Pyatt, Elizabeth (mother of James Piatt) - Pekowi born about 1735 PA – d. after 1784 – wife of Jacob Pyatt / 25 – adopted white, mother of Jacob Pyatt Jr/51, Benjamin Pyatt/53, James Pyatt/55, Thomas Pyatt/57,  Robert Pyatt/59, Rebecca Pyatt/61, Rachel Pyatt/63, Mary Pyatt/65, Diana Pyatt/67, Susanna Pyatt/69, Elizabeth Pyatt/71, - all ½ Pekow-Metis


NOTE: Pekowi was the name of one of the five divisions (or bands) of the Shawnee, a Native American people, during the 18th century. The other four divisions were the Chalahgawtha, Mekoche, Kispoko, and Hathawekela. Together these divisions formed the loose confederacy that was the Shawnee tribe. All five Shawnee division names have been spelled in a great variety of ways. Variations of the name "Pekowi" are reflected in many place names in the United States, including Piqua, Pickawillany, Pickaway, and Pequea.