Anna Oliver Quigley

b. June 17, 1765 (Conway, Franklin, MA) - d. abt. 1829 (Waterford, Washington Co., OH)


From the bio of James Quigley: One of his sons, John Quigley (wife Anna Oliver) was a member of the company which under the auspices of Gen. Rufus Putnam, General Arthur St. Clair and other prominent leaders made the dirt permanent settlement in the region now covered the by flourishing staqte of Ohio, at Marietta, situated at the mouth of the Muskingum River on the 7 day of April 1788.  His father-in-law, Col. Oliver, accompanied him.  Here he amassed a handsome property.


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From Hisgtory of Connecticut Valley, Mass., Vol. 2, 1879 (LA DAR) Cemetery--Chester Deaths: From American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass. "Index to Obituaries in Mass." Vol 4 Mero-Sloc-G.K. Hall & Co (SD) 




Washington County, OH Wills & Estates Website:

Will of Col. Robert Oliver
Will made 5-9-1811, Probated 1811. Children, William, Lancelot, Mary, Minerva, Eliza, Robert, Anne (Quigley); Christiana, wife of William Burnham; Eleanor, wife of Thomas Lord and her children; heirs of daughter Mary, who married in New England and long since deceased; Isabel, wife of James Brown; Mary, Minerva, Elizabeth G., and Catherine Oliver, relationship not stated. Margaret Waterman. / Book 1, Page 192






  • John Quigley Jr.
    War of 1812
    b. 1781 (MA) - d. Aug. 7, 1824 (Morgan Co., OH)
    Pleasant Valley Cemetery (Malta, OH)
    Married Ellen Corner (b. 1792 - d. 1872) in 1810 / Children: Ann Quigley-Dickerson (b. 1810), George Quigley (b. 1812), John Columbus Quigley (b. 1817), Isabell Quigley-Battin (b. 1820), William M. Quigley (b. 1822), Lucretia Quigley(b. 1824 - d. 1857 OH) /Eleen is buried in Wolf Creek Cemetery (Union Twp - Morgan Co., OH) / Story from History of Morgan County, Ohio 1886: One day while Mr. Quigley was at work on the opposite side of the creek, where the house north of Wolf Creek Church now stands, Mrs. Quigley (Ellen Corner-Quigley) came with her knitting to where her husband was at work. While they were sitting on a log they were somewhat startled at seeing a bear approaching. John Quigley called the dog from the house and put him on the trail, when both disappeared in a small ravine. It was a peculiarity of the dog that he never barked; but soon a noise was heard as if there was a contest for the right of way. The sound was followed until they came to Hemlock Run, where the bear was discovered making efforts to climb a tree, but the dog would pull him back, but was careful to avoid his embrace; but finally he succeeded in making his way up a large walnut. Qugley then started for William Oliver's, a distance of five miles, for a gun, whild Ellen Quigley and the dog remained to watch and keep the bear up the tree. On his return with Uncle Oliver and the trusty rifle, bruin came unceremoniously to the ground, and as a prize of value was born home on a pole suspended between them.
    NOTE: Ellen Corner Quigley married Eli C Smith in 1834, after John's death. Ellen and Eli had one son, Arthur T. Smith.
  • Mary (Quigley) Reeve(s)
    b. abt. 1790 (MA) - d. 1808
    Married Jeremiah Reeve(s)
  • William Quigley
    b. abt. 1791 - d. 1808 (Hampton Co., MA)
    Married Mary Potts
  • Sophia Quigley
    b. May 1793 (MA) - d. June 1793 (MA)
  • Horace Qyigley
    b. abt. 1795 - d. Feb. 1844 (Calhoun Co., IL)
    Married Nancy Turner (b. 1810) in 1822 / Children: John Quigley (b. 1823 - d. 1902), Thomas Quigley (b. 1825 - d. 1894), Betsy Quigley (b. 1825 - d. ?), Salley Quigley (b. 1835), Minerva Quigley-Mitchell (b. 1835), William M. Quigley (b. 1836), Silas Quigley (b. 1838)
  • Lucretia Quigley
    b. abt. 1797 (Washington Co., OH) - d. Oct. 28, 1822
  • Isabella Quigley
    b. ? - d. ?
  • James Quigley
    b. 1801 - d. 1845








John Quigley Sr

Married Nov. 16, 1781 (Franklin Co., MA)




Col. Robert Oliver




Mary "Molly" Walker Oliver