Benjamin Reed



Shafer Church Cemetery
Lowell, Wash Co., OH






Benjamin Reed

b. Dec. 24, 1789 (NJ or PA)- d. May 4, 1872 (Washington Co., OH)

Shafer Church Cemetery (Lowell, OH)


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Benjamin Reed was born December 24, 1789.  When he was ten years old his family moved west and he helped drive the cow through Pennsylvania.  They lived awhild in Washington County, Pennsylvania before moving to Belmont County, Ohio.  Benjamin settled at Wills Creek, Guernsey Co. near Cambridge Ohio in 1812.  He married Sarah Dickerson there in April 13, 1813.

They lived in a one-story log cabin on Wills Creek and at least seven of their children were born there.  Later they lived at Sharon, west of Caldwell, Ohio.  Benjamin entered a 160 acre farm at Big Run, now Noble County, Ohio, six miles northwest of Lowell, Ohio.  He had only one horse at this time and used oxen for most work.  He knew how to train them.  Many years later he showed his grandson Lafe Reed how to break calves.  They made yokes and trained the calves when they were so young that they became a fine team.  Also he taught Lafe how to use a gun and shoot squirrels.


The land at Big Run had to be cleared of trees.  As there was no other way to dispose of them, he burned all that was not used for building.  He was an expert at hewing logs.  When he built a log barn on his farm, he put in a puncheon floor which was hewn so smooth and fitted with such exact measurement that it held water like a barrel when a rain came after the log walls were fitted but the roof was not on.  His reputation for hewing spread and he was called a number of times to neighbors to make similiar buildings.  He signed a $100 note as security for one of those neighbors and a few years later was called upon to make it good.  It cost him the entire proceeds of that year's tobacco crop raised on a newly cleared field.  He was fond of hunting.  He lived on the farm until his wife's death January 24,  1858.  She was buried in Shafer Church Cemetery at the head of Cat's Creek, Noble County, Ohio.


Benjamin was about 5'8" tall, slightly stocky but not large.  He had black hair in his youth.  He was honest and of good character and had a quiet disposition.  Although he was a farmer all his life, he was also a fine tailor.  His granddaughter Sarah Hannah (the author list this as his/her Grandmother Jordan) remembered him in his old age sitting cross-legged on a table singing as he mended.  After his wife's death he lived with his son Bonam at Upper Lowell Ohio and died there May 4, 1872 and he was buried in Shafer Church Cemetery






  • Eveline (Reed) Hughes
    b. abt. 1814 (Guernsey Co., OH) - d. 1884 (Noble Co., OH)
  • Bonam Reed
    b. 1816 (OH) -d.1893 (IA)
    Married Rebecca Talley b.1822 OH (Talley Town, OH) in 1837. / Children: John Talley Reed (b. 1841 OH), Priscilla Reed-Jordan (b. 1843 OH / Married Abram Jordan b. 1836), Benjamin (b. 1846 OH), Bonam (b. 1848 OH), Sarah H. Reed-Jordan (b. 1850 OH - Married John R. Jordan b. 1841 OH - d. 1919 IA), Evaline (b. 1852), Lafaette (b. 1854), Lucena W. (b. 1857 OH).
  • Joseph Reed
    b.1817(OH) - d. 1893 (IA)
    Married Priscilla Talley (b. ?)
  • Sally Ann (Reed) Merritt
    b.1819 (Guernsey Co., OH) - d.1906 (McDonough Co., IL)
    Married Joseph Merritt (b. 1815 OH - d. 1899 IL) in 1838. / Children: Evelyn (b. 1839), Sarah Jane (b. 1840), Richard S. Merritt (b. 1841), Crawford Merritt (b. 1843), Elizabeth F. (b. 1845), Ina Merritt (b. 1846), Benjamin T. Merritt (b. 1852), Pheby L. (b. 1855).
  • Isaac Reed
    b.1825 (OH) - d.1908 (?)
  • John Archabald Reed
    b. 1831 - d . 1898 (OH)
    Married Elizabeth Marquis (b. 1836 OH - d. 1878 OH) in 1858. / Children: Sarah (b. 1860), Mary J. (b. 1862 OH), Kiah (b. 1864), Nancy E. (b. 1867 OH), Joseph B. (b. 1871).
  • William Perrish Reed
    b.1832 (OH) - d. ? (Lowell, OH)
    Married Caroline Tilton (b. 1833 OH - d. 1907 OH) / Children: Sarah (b. 1855), Alpharetta (b. 1857), William A. (b. 1860), Charles H. (b. 1862), Thomas W. (b. 1867), Tecumseh S. (b. 1867), Wesley (b. 1868), Doc (b. 1871), Rosa E. (b. 1873), Arthur E. (b. 1875).
  • Mary Jane (Reed) Hughes
    b.1835 -d. 1877
    Married George Hughes (b. 1831 OH - d. 1885 (OH) in 1852 / Children: Francis Hughes (b. 1852), George (b. 1854 OH), Sarah (b. abt 1854 OH), Georgiana (b. 1857 OH), Benjamin A. (b. 1859 OH), Mary J. (b. 1863 OH), Isaac Vallandigham (b. 1864 OH), Evaline C. (b. 1873 OH)
  • Benjamin B. Reed
    b. 1839 (OH) - d. 1863 (MAYBE Ontario, Canada)


  • Daniel Reed

  • Margaret Ellen Reed





Sarah Dickerson Reed

b.Oct 11, 1794 (Washington Co., PA) - d. Jan 24, 1858 (Noble Co., OH)

Shafer Church Cemetery (Lowell, Wash Co., OH)

Married April 1, 1813 (Guernsey Co, Ohio)





Stephen Reed

b. 1760 (NJ) - d. 1814 (Byesville / Guernsey Co., OH)

Married Alice Bonham May 4, 1782
(Mommouthmouth, Huntewrdon NJ)



Alice Bonham Reed