Manley Smith


Mary & Manley Smith


1860 US Census
Windsor, Morgan Co., OH


Ezra Kinnison
Sarah Kinnison
Rachel Smith
Manley Smith
John Smith



1880 US Census
Meigsville, Morgan Co., OH


Manly Smith
NOTE: Manley lists his fathers birthplace as OH
Mary Smith
Lillie Smith
Margaret Smith
Agnes Smith
John Smith
Allie Smith
Mary Smith
Rachel Hiett



1900 US Census
Malta, Morgan Co., OH


Manly Smith
Mary Smith
John Smith
Blanche Smith
Bert M Smith
Anna Smith



1910 US Census
Malta, Morgan Co., OH

Manly Smith
Mary Smith
Bert Smith



1920 US Census
Malta, Morgan Co., OH

Manly Smith
Mary Smith



Manuel "Manley" Smith

b. Jan. 28, 1853 - d. Mar. 24, 1920 (Morgan Co., Ohio)

Malta Cemtery (Morgan Co., OH)



Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1953 for Manly Smith

Death: March 24, 1920 in Malta, Morgan Co., Ohio / Manley was married and his occupation is Laborer / father is listed as Unknown and mother was Rachel Hyatt.



NOTE: Manly was a coal miner, but then he later started working for the Brown Manly Plow factory at Malta where he worked for over 20 years


Manly Smith's house was lost in the 1913 flood at Malta, Ohio. The two story house was washed off the foundation and then lodged between two trees for three days. Manly rowed a boat over to the house and went through the second floor window to retrieve some important papers. The next day the house was totally destroyed in the flood.



Email from W Smith (author of a family history on this Smith family)

Manly Smith was born in 1854 in Ohio.  The woman who raised him was Rachel J. Smith.  She was born in 1828 in Ohio.  You can find some incorrect information about her on the internet especially on the Mormon website.  I researched everything that I could possibly find about him and included it all in the book, but I disappointingly never found who his father was.  I don’t think that he knew who his father was either.  There are a lot of severe complications with Rachel that I included in the book.  Rachel and Manly lived in the Morgan County home a number of times because she was so poor.


Bert Smith told us twice that we remember that Manly was an orphan who was placed on a doorstep in Zanesville (Muskingum Co., OH).


During the Civil War, Rachel married William Hiett.  There was more than one William Hiett’s in Morgan county, so I researched all of them, but never found anything meaningful about RachelWilliam’s first wife must have died because he had five children.  Rachel was not married to William for very long because he either died or left her by the end of the Civil War and his children were scattered to the winds.  One of his kids ended up in the Army in the Dakota Territory in General Custer’s Army.  He fortunately broke his shoulder while driving a team of mules and a wagon when the wagon rolled over and the mule landed on him.  A short time later was the Battle of the Little Big Horn and he missed out on that fateful day.


Manly married Mary C. Thompson.  He was 16 years old when he married her and she was 23 years old.  Manly was a coal miner, but then he later started working for the Brown Manly Plow factory at Malta where he worked for over 20 years.


Manly and Mary had 11 children and they all survived.  Bert was next to the youngest.  Two of their older children were not Manly’s children.  I included a court case concerning Mary and the first child in the Thompson chapter.  I wrote about all eleven of Manly and Mary’s children.






  • Lillie (Smith) Stanley-White
    b. March 1, 1868 (OH) - d.March 13, 1914 (Muskingum Co., OH)
    Brush Creek Cemetery (Muskingum Co., Ohio)
    Married Amos Stanley Jr. (May 11, 1891) / Married Benjamin F. White after Amos's death / Children: Amos C. Stanley (b. 1891 OH).
    Lillie died as a result of burns that she received in a fire.
  • Margaret (Smith) Gillespie
    b. abt 1871 (OH) - d. 1952
    Married Ernest J. Gillespie (b. abt 1871) in 1899.
  • Agnes Arminta (Smith) Bell
    b. 1872 (OH) - d. 1962
    Married Charles Bell / Children: Chatherine M. Bell and a son who died young.
  • John Smith
    b. abt 1875 (OH) - d.
    Married Bertha Stroub / had one son who drowned in the Muskingum River when he was young.
  • Alice (Smith) Dobbins
    b. abt 1888 (OH) - d. ?
    Married Lewis Dobbins (Coal Miner) / Children: Raymond, Leota, Norman, Manly and Gertrude.
  • Mary (Smith) Reeves
    b. 1879 (OH) - d. 1967
    Married William A. Reeves / Child: Georgia L. Reeves
  • Chester Arthur Smith
    b. July 22, 1879 (Morgan Co., OH) - d. 1955 (OH)
    Malta Cemetery (Morgan Co., Ohio)
    Married Cora Jones (b. 1879 - d. 1967) in 1900 / Children: Lena, Leonard, Ernestine, Harold and an infant. / Chester and Cora are buried at the Malta Cemetery (Morgan Co., Ohio)
  • Eva E. (Smith) Dobbins-Trout-Lindimore
    b. 1882 (OH) - d. 1931
    Eva's first husband Hendricks Dobbins was killed in a mining accident / she married Samuel Trout in 1904 / She married Chester Lindimore after Samuels death in 1914. Children: Chester Dobbins, Russel Dobbins, Harold Lindimore, Helen Lindimore.
  • Blanche (Smith) Seim
    b. abt 1887 (OH) - d. 1962 (WV)
    Married John Samuel Seim b. 1887 (OH) / Child: Robert Seim.
  • Bert M. Smith
    b.1889 (OH) - d. 1964
  • Anna (Smith) Barcus
    b. abt 1891 (OH) - d. 1945
    Morgan County Democrat April 18, 1902 - Anna Smith, a little daughter of Manly Smith, is quite sick with lung fever, the result of whooping caugh. / Married Arthur Barcus in 1920.




Mary C. (Thompson) Smith

Married June 16, 1870 (Morgan Co., OH)







Rachel Smith Hyatt (or Hiett)