1860 Census
West Finley, Wash. Co., PA


Henry Sprowls
Mary J Sprowls
George W Sprowls
Clinton Sprowls
Elmira Sprowls
Riley Sprowls
Jemima Sprowls
James W Sprowls
Jeanette Sprowls
Daniel Sprowls




Henry Clay Sprowls

b. April 4, 1814 (Washington Co., PA)- d. Sept. 1889 (Washington, Co., PA)

Fairmount Cemetery (Washington Co., PA)



Death Certificate of Margaret Sprowls Smith:

Margaret Sprowls-Smith was the daughter of Henry & Mary Stoller Sprowls



M.E. Sprowls (son of Henry Clay Sprowls) Obituary:
The Old Henry Sprowls homestead farm was located about two miles east of Burnsville.



Death of Mrs. Henry Sprowls (newspaper unknown)

Mary Madalena, widow of the late Henry Sprowls, died at her home two miles east of Burnsville...She was married in 1842 to Henry Sprowls, son of John Sprowls, the father of the Sprowls race, who migrated to this country in 1792, from Ireland. After marriage her husband purchased 100 acres, hardship succeded in ________, later adding a few acres at a time until they had in their possession 288 acres.





  • Mary J. (Sprowls) Allison
    b. Aug. 22, 1843 (Washington Co., PA) - d. Nov. 1, 1875 (?)
    Windy Gap Cemetery (Location ?)
    Married Oliver Allison (b. 1839 PA) in 1873. / Children: Elizabeth A. Allison (b. 1873 ?)
  • Margaret (Sprowls) Smith
    b. 1846 (PA) - d. 1911 (PA)
  • George W. Sprowls
    b. Nov. 1847 (Washington Co., PA) - d.Feb. 9, 1919 (Washington Co., PA)
    West Finley Cemetery (Washington Co., OH)
    Married Naomi Clark (b. 1853 PA) / Children: Milton Sprowls (b. 1871), William S. Sprowls (b. 1875), Mary Laura Sprowls (b. 1877 Obituary)
  • Henry "Clinton" Sprowls
    b. July 24, 1849 (Washington Co., PA) - d. June 1, 1919 (Fayette Co., PA)
    Married Anna Mary Wallace (b. 1851 PA) in 1870 / Children: William Sprowls (b. ?), Frank Sprowls (b.?), Eva Sprowls (b.?), Dr. J. Addison Sprowls (b.1871), Forest M. Sprowls (b. 1872), Nora B. Sprowls-Allum (b. 1873), Jean Sprowls (b. 1876), James Lester Sprowls (b. 1885), John C. Sprowls (b. 1887), Ludella Sprowls (b. 1889), Stanley S. Sprowls (b. 1892), TWINS - Okal M. Sprowls (b. 1898), and Opal Sprowls (b. 1898)
    ----------------------------------------Dr. J. Addison Sprowls b. July 29, 1871 (Wash. Co., PA) - d. abt. 1936 (PA) /Married Lenora M. Somson (b.?) / Children: ? Sprowls-Spragg (b.? / Wife of Walter S. Spragg) / Sprowls Scrapbook page 013: Full Newspaper article with picture and obituary / Physician and Member of the State Legislature / West Finley Cemetery (Burnsville)
    ----------------------------------------Nora B. Sprowls-Allum b. July 24, 1837 - d. Oct. 23, 1940 Sprowls Scrapbook page 011: OBIT / Married Charles H. Allum b. Oct. 3, 1868 Sprowls Scrapbook 011 (newspaper unknown): Charles H. Allum, 70, very successful and well known farmer of the Ackley's Bridge section died at 10 am Tues. Nov. 1 in his home in Richhill Township, Greene County. He was born October 3, 1868. He spent his entire life as a farmer, and was noted for his strict business principles and honest dealing. He was also remembered as the old time violinist of his home nighborhood.../ Children: Grace Allum-Plants (b.?), Harry Allum (b.?), Fred M. Allum (b.?), Nelle M. Allum-McClellan (b.?)
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Nelle M. Allum-McClellan b. ? - d. ? / Married Frank B. McClellan (b.?) Feb. 9, 1947 / Sprowls Scrapbook page 042: Wedding Announcement

  • Elmira Sprowls
    b. abt 1851 - d. March 1924 (Wash. Co., PA)
    West Finley Cemetery (Washington Co., PA)
    Sprowls Scrapbook page 016 (newspaper uknown): Obituary
  • Riley "Rila" Sprowls
    b. Sept. 29, 1852 (Washington Co., PA) - d. Nov. 26, 1931 (Washington Co., PA)
    West Finley Cemetery (Washington Co., PA)
    Sprowls Scrapbook, page 011: Obituary / Married Hannah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lawwrence (b. between 1852 and 1856 PA - d. 1927) in 1880. / Children: Mary Sprowls (b. 1880), Henry L. Sprowls (b. 1886), William Ott Sprowls (b. 1892)
  • Jemima (Sprowls) Clark
    b. Aug. 27, 1855 (Washington Co., PA) - d. Mar. 6, 1908 (Washington Co., PA)
    West Finley Cemetery (Washington Co., PA)
    Married Robert Clark (b. 1865 PA) in 1886. / Sprowls Scrapbook page 012: Obituary
  • James Wilson "Willis" Sprowls
    b. June 1856 (Washington Co., PA) - d. Dec. 6, 1942 (Waterford, Washington Co., OH)
    Waterford Cemetery (Washington Co., OH)
    Married Hattie Julia Stallar-Sprowls (b. 1856 PA / she was the daughter of Daniel Stollar, grandaughter of Peter & Susanna Stollar, and the great-grandaughter of Andrew & Rosanna Elay Stollar ) on Dec. 7,1883/ Children: Fern Sprowls-Preston (b.?), Arthur Sprowls (b. ?) / Sprowls Scrapbook page 003 (paper unknown): Mrs. J. W. Sprowls together with Miss Grace Sprowls, planned a surprise party on Mr. J. W. Sprowls, Sunday June 16th. This was Mr. Sprowls 74th birthday.../ Sprowls Scrapbook page 021 "Waterford Couple Celebrates Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary" / Sprowls Scrapbook page 033: James W. Sprowls, 87, well known resident of Waterford, died in Memorial Hospital on Sunday at 3:30 pm, following an accident Friday when he fell and fractured his hip. He was admitted to the hospital at noon Sunday. Mr. Sprowls was born in Washington Co., PA, on Jan. 16, 1855 and was one of 13 sons and daughters born to the late Henry and Mary Stollar Sprowls. He spent his early life in Pennsylvania and come to Washington Co., many years ago. He married Miss Hattie Julia Stollar on Dec. 7, 1883, and their home was in Pennsylvania for seven years before moving to Waterford. They would have observed their 59th wedding anniversary on Monday. Mr. Sprowls was a stone mason and contractor and did much building in stone structural work in his active life. He was a member of the Beverly Presbyterian Church. He was affliated with the Masonic fraternity and was a member of Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 37 of Beverly; of Rufus Putnam Chapet No. 108, Rayal Arch Masons and of Mt. Moriah Chapter No. 506 Order of Eastern Star. Survivors are his widow and one daughter, Mrs. Fern S. Preston, wife of Adrian T. Preston of Kenmore, N.Y.; and one son, Arthur W. Sprowls of Newark. There is one granddaughter, Miss Ann Sprowls. Mrs. Jeanette Scott of Claysville, Pa., is the surviving sister.
    --------------------------------Fern Sprowls-Preston b. Feb. 1884 - d. ? / Married Adrian T. Preston (1900 US Census: son of Curtis and Belle Preston) of Tonawanda, NY / Sprowls Scrapbook page 021 (from the article "Waterford Couple Celebrates Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary": ... Mrs. Fern Sprowls Preston, wife of Adrian T. Preston of Tonawanda, N.Y. .... Miss Sarah Ann Sprowls of Tonawanda is the only grandchild / NOTE: Sarah's last name is Sprowls, but she lives in New York with Fern Preston and her husband. She is maybe Arthur's daughter, but is living with his sister Fern? Arthur's wife is not mentioned in any of the articles I have found, perhaps she died young, and Fern took Sarah? / Sprowls Scrapbook page 007: Belle Scott Preston ( wife of Curtis Preston / daughter of James and Mary Scott)
    --------------------------------Arthur W. Sprowls b. ? - d. ? / Married ? Preston /Children: Sarah A. Sprowls / Sprowls Scrapbook page 021 (from the article "Waterford Couple Celebrates Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary": ...Mr. and Mrs. Sprowls are the parents of a son and a daughter, A. W. Sprowls of Newark, former resident of Marietta...

  • Jeanette (Sprowls) Scott
    b. abt 1858 (Washington Co., PA) - d. Nov. 5, 1946 (Washington Co., PA)
    Fairmount Cemetery (Washington Co., OH)
    Married Junius or Junie A. Scott (b. 1854 PA) in 1875. / Sprowls Scrapbook page 053: Mrs. Jeannette Scott Died Suddenly - Mrs. Jeannette Scott, 89, for a number of years a resident of this community, died at her home, Main Street, Thursday, Nov. 5, 1946, of a heart ailment. Mrs. Scott was preparing to move and had expressed a desire to vote just the day before her death. Mrs. Scott was born in West Finley Township a daughter of the late Henry and Mollie sprowls. She spent most of her life in East Finley Township, coming to this place about 15 years ago. She was united in marriage with Junie Scott who preceded her in death several years ago. Mrs. Scott was a member of the Fairmount United Brethren Church. She is survived by several nieces and nephews.
  • Daniel Ealy Sprowls
    b. Feb. 28, 1861 (Washington Co., PA) - d. Feb. 17, 1921 (Washington Co., PA)
    Married Olive Hancher (b. 1861 PA)
  • Morgan Ellsworth Sprowls
    b. Nov. 19, 1863 (Washington Co., PA) - d. Jan. 6, 1915 (Washington Co., PA)
    West Finley Cemetery (Washington Co., PA)
    Married Mary H. Plants (b. 1867 PA - d. 1944 PA - Sprowls Scrapbook page 009: Obituary / Daughter of Nathan and Margaret Plants) in 1888. / Children: Henry V. Sprowls (b. 1897), J. Spencer Sprowls (b. ?), Herman Sprowls (b. ?), Ross Sprowls (b. ?), Gail Sprowls-Clutter (b.?)
    ----------------------------------Henry V. Sprowls b. 1897 - d. 1943 / World War I Vetren / Sprowls Scrapbook page 011: Obituary / Married Lidea Elay-Clutter (b. ? / Henry was her second marraige. She had 5 children from her 1st marraige: Virginia Clutter-Montgomery (b.?), John M. Clutter (b.?), Vance C. Clutter (b.?), Theda G Clutter-Seibert (b. ?) on March 14, 1933 / Sprowls Scrapbook page 011: He enlisted in the United States Army at the outbreak of World War I and saw active service in France and Germany. He was a member of the Claysville American Legion Post 639 and of the Disabled Veterans of Pittsburgh.
    ----------------------------------Gail Sprowls-Clutter b. ? - d. ? / Married Joseph Clutter (b.?) in 1925 (Ohio Co., WV)







Mary Stoller Sprowls

Married in 1842 (Washington Co., PA)


Death of Mrs. Henry Sprowls (newspaper unknown)

...She was married in 1842 to Henry Sprowls



John Sprowls



Margaret Graden Sprowls


Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania / Beers, J. H. and Co., (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893) Dr. John Nelson Sprowls, p. 580:

John Sprowls, grandfather of Dr. J. N., was born in Ireland, and emigrated to this country with his parents. He was the third member in the family of nine children. Just prior to the removal of his parents and family from near Shippensburg to Washington county he was married to Margaret Graden.