John & Margaret Graden Sprowls
Sprowls Cemetery (Wash. Co., PA)


John Sprowls migrated to The United States in 1792, from County Tyrone, Ireland.


Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania / Beers, J. H. and Co., (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893) Dr. John Nelson Sprowls, p. 580:

The history of the Sprowls family in this country dates back to the close of the Revolutionary war, when John Sprowls, with his wife and nine children, left County Tyrone (or County Fermanagh), Ireland, for the United States, and made his home in Pennsylvania, near where Shippensburg now stands, and in what was known as the "Horseshoe Bend." He afterward moved to Finley township, this county, and settled on what is now known as the William Sprowls farm, near Good Intent, where he and his wife lived till their death. From this parent stock sprung the Sprowlses of now East and West Finley townships.


John Sprowls

b. 1781 (County Tyrone, Ireland) - d. May 15, 1833 (Washington Co., PA)

Sprowls Cemetery (Washington Co., PA)



Death of Mrs. Henry Sprowls (newspaper unknown)

Mary Madalena, widow of the late Henry Sprowls, died at her home two miles east of Burnsville...She was married in 1842 to Henry Sprowls, son of John Sprowls, the father of the Sprowls race, who migrated to this country in 1792, from Ireland.



"Crumrine's History of Washington County" DRS. J. N., I. N., AND LEE M. SPROWLS:
Their grandfather, John Sprowls, came from County Tyrone, Ireland, to America near the close of the last century.



Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania / Beers, J. H. and Co., (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893) page 487:

Over one hundred years ago there emigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania two brothers, John and James Sprowls, who, after a short sojourn at Carlisle, came to Washington county, where James settled on a farm in East Finley township. He married a Miss Enlow, who had come to America at the same time as her husband, and they had children as follows: Melinda (married to Joseph Martin), Cyrus, Jesse, John, Simeon and James. The father of this family died in East Finley township in 1837, the mother in 1865, at a very advanced age.

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  • Elonore (Sprowls) Ealy
    b. abt 1802 (Washington Co., PA) - d. Sept. 10, 1886 (Washington Co., PA)
    Married John Nelson Ealy son of George Ealy and Mary Barrett Ealy (George was the son of Jonathon George and Eva Christina Ealy) / "Crumrine's History of Washington County" John Ealy was born in East Finley township, in 1803, and at the schools of the neighborhood secured a somewhat limited education, the better part of his time being occupied in work on his father's farm. In 1834 he was married to Eleanor, daughter of John Sprowls, of East Finley township, and she bore him children as follows: Nancy A. Ihly (b. 1837 PA), Catherine "Jane" Ealy (b. 1841 PA), John N. Ealy (b. 1841 PA), Lewis Ealy (b. ?), David Ealy (b. ?), George W. Ealy (b. 1847 PA) and Silas Ihly (b. 1849 PA)
    ------------------------John N. Ealy b. 1841 PA - d. ? / received a substantial common-school education, learned agriculture of his father, at whose death he came into possession of the home place, engaged in general agriculture, including the breeding of blooded stock. The farm is situated about half a mile south of East Finley post office. He has never married.
    -------------------------David Elay b. ? / Married Martha Plants
    -------------------------George W. Ealy b. 1847 PA / Married L. V. Carroll (b. ?) On December 17, 1872 / George was married to L. V. Carroll, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Seeman) Carroll, of Irish ancestry, and the children of this union are: Mary E., born October 26, 1873; William Hazlett, born August 3, 1876, and John Hamilton, born August 14, 1880.

  • William J. Sprowls
    b. Dec. 19, 1807 (Washington Co., PA) - d. Feb. 5, 1883
    Married Maria Newland (b. 1810) in 1839 / Children: Angeline Sprowls (b. 1839 PA), Manerva Sprowls (b. 1841 PA), Simon L. Sprowls (b. 1845 PA), Winfield Sprowls (b. 1848 PA), David L. Sprowls (b. 1852), John Morgan Sprowls (b. 1854)
    -------------------------Simon L. Sprowls b. 1845 (PA) - d. ? / Married Jane Wise / Children: Jacob Sprowls (b. ?), Mary Sprowls-Flynn (b. ?), Sally Sprowls-Dague (b. ?), Ella Sprowls-Carey (b. 1878), Nancy Sprowls-Porter (b.?), Sophia Sprowls-Barker (b. ?), Essie Sprowls-Huffman (b.?), Pearl Sprowls-McGlumphy (b.?), Margaret Sprowls Ealy (b. 1870 - d. 1942)
    ----------------------------------------------------------Margaret Sprowls Ealy b. 1870 - d. 1942 / Obituary (newspaper unknown): Margaret Sprowls Ealy, 72, widow of M. E. Ealy, died at 9:45 a.m. December 9, 1942, in her home at Claysville, as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage. She was ill 24 hours. Mrs. Ealy was born Feb. 18, 1870, in East Finley Township, a daughter of Simon and Jane Wise Sprowls. She lived in Claysville for the last 15 years, her husband being engaged in the undertaking business. Previously she lived at Graysville, where Mr. Ealy for a number of years was in the undertaking business. Her husband died eight years ago. She was a member of the Claysville Baptist Church. Surviving are the following children: Harley F. Ealy, of Cannonsburg; Herald R. Ealy, of Apollo; Glenn U. Ealy, of Graysville, and Mrs. Gertrude G. Flynn, of Claysville. The following brothers and sisters also survive: Jacob Sprowls, of West Finley; Mrs. Mary Flynn, of Washington; Mrs. Sally Dague, of Washington; Mrs. Ella Carey, of Amity; Mrs. Nancy Porter, of Nineveh; Mrs. Sophie Barker, of Washington; Mrs. Essie Huffman, of Graysville, and Mrs. Pearl McGlumphy, of Washington. There are 10 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held in the late home 136 Elm Street at 1:00p.m. this afternoon, with further services in the Enon Baptist Church at 2:30 conducted by Rev. C.D. Eltringham. Interment will be made in Enon
    -----------------------------------------------------------Ella Belle Sprowls-Shaw-Carey b. Oct. 24, 1878 PA - d. Jan. 3, 1948 / Obit: Mrs. Ella Belle Sprowls Shaw Cary, 69, of 60 Laurel Ave., died Saturday, Jan. 3, 1948, at 7:30 PM in the Washington Hospital, following a brief illness. Mrs. Cary had been in poor health for several years. She was born in West Finley Township, Oct. 24, 1878, a daughter of Simon and Jane Wise Sprowls. She had made her home in Washington for the past 10 years. She was twice married, to Frank Shaw and John Cary, both deceased. Mrs. Carey was a member of the Union Valley Methodist Church, Greene County. She leaves a son, Raymond F. Shaw, of Washington; a stepdaughter, Mrs. Sadie Voorhes, of Ten mile; a brother, Jacob Sprowls, of Burnville; five sisters, Mrs. Pearl McGlumphy and Mrs. Sophia Barker, of Washington; Mrs. Sallie Dague, of Washington, RD 6; Mrs. Nancy Porter, of Nineveh, and Mrs. Essie Huffman, of Graysville; four grandchildren.

  • Alexander Sprowls
    b. 1811 - d.1876
    Married Jane Montgomery in 1839/ Children: Jennie Sprowls (b. ?)
    -----------------------------Jennie Sprowls b. ? - d. ? / Married George Arthur Stollar b. 1861 - d. 1929 (son of Daniel, grandson of Peter, great-grandson of Andrew Stollar) / Children: Grace Sprowls (b. 1886) / Waterford Cemetery (Washington Co., OH)
    ----------------------------------------------------------Grace Sprowls b. 1886 - d. 1952 (Washington Co., OH) / Sprowls Scrapbook page 008 (George Stollar's obit): he was united in marriage ___Mrs. Jennie Sprowls, of ___ She precedded in death in 19___, her only daughter, Miss Grace __ in his care.../ Note: Grace was born before Jennie Married Arthur Stollar, and had her mothers madian name of Sprowls, it is belived she may have been born out of wedlock. / Sprowls Scrapbook page 042: Miss Grace Sprowls of Waterford, Ohio, spent a few days with her aunt's, Mrs. Caroline Irey and Mrs. Hannah Danley. / Sprowls Scrapbook page 052: obituary - Miss Grace Sprowls, 65, lifelong resident of Waterford, died Monday morning at the Gerhart nursing home in Marietta. She was a patient in Memorial hospital before being taken to the Gerhart home. For many years she was an operator in the Beverly exchange of the Ohio Associated Telephone Co. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at the McCurdy Funeral Home, burial in Waterford cemetery (Washington Co., OH).

  • Henry Sprowls
    b. 1814 (PA) - d. 1889 (PA)

  • Arthur Sprowls
    b. 1817 (Greene Co., PA) - d. 1899 (PA)
    West Finley Cemetery (Washington Co., PA)
    Married Hester Seaman (b. abt. 1817 PA) / Children: Albert Sprowls (b. abt. 1845), Seaman Sprowls (b. abt. 1853), Isadore Sprowls (b. 1854), Caroline Sprowls-Irey (b. abt. 1855), Hester W. Sprowls (b. 1859 PA), Arthur Sprowls (b. 1861)
    -----------------------------Caroline Sprowls-Irey b. abt. 1855 - d. ? / married John Jason Irey in 1874 / Sprowls Scrapbook page 016 - large article and pictures (newspaper unknown): West Finley Couple Married Less than Decade After End of Civil War Mark 65th Wedding Anniversary.../
    -----------------------------Seaman Sprowls b. abt 1853 - d. ? / Married Laura ? / Children: Wade Sprowls (b. 1902 PA), Mrs. D. Galentine (b.?), Mrs. Lester Phillips (b.?), Alma Sprowls (b.?), Arthur Sprowls (b.?) / NOTE: Seaman is sometimes found on census and in his son's obit as "Simeon"
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------Wade E. Sprowls b. 1902 (Washington Co., PA) - d. April 7, 1947 / Sprowls Scrapbook page 046: Wade E. Sprowls, 45 of Creighton PA, was fatally injured Monday, April 7, 1947, as result of a fall down stairs. He was taken to the Allegheny Valley Hospital, Tarentum, PA, where he died of shock and a fractured skull. He was born in West Finley Township in 1902, a son of Mrs. Laura Sprowls and the lare Simeon Sprowls...

  • John Sprowls
    b. Nov. 20, 1820 (Washington Co., PA) - d. Aug. 8, 1870 (PA)
    Married Mary Ann McNay (b. March 1824 PA - d. 1917) in 1850 / Children: James M. Sprowls (b. 1851 PA - d. 1912 PA / Married Kate Fulton), John Nelson Sprowls M.D. (b. 1852 PA - d. 1925), Dr. Isaac Newton Sprowls (b. 1854 - d. 1882), Leroy Milton Sprowls M.D. (b. 1856 - d.1911 ), Anna M. Sprowls-Smith (b. 1858 PA - d. 1950 TX), Clara Sprowls (b. 1859), Clarretta Sprowls-Warner (b. 1860), Alexander Harry Sprowls (b. 1861), Lucy E. Sprowls (b. 1863) / "Crumrine's History of Washington County" DRS. J. N., I. N., AND LEE M. SPROWLS
    - These three physicians are of Irish stock. Their grandfather, John Sprowls, came from County Tyrone, Ireland, to America near the close of the last century. Their father, whose name was also John Sprowls, was born in East Finley township in 1818, and died Aug. 8, 1870. He learned the business of farming, and followed it successfully all of his life. He was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church for many years, a charter member of the Windy Gap Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and an elder in that organization for a long time. He was married in 1850 to Mary A. McNay. Their children were J. M., J. N., I. N., Lee M., Annie M., Clara B., A. H., and Lucy E.
    -----------------------Anna Margaret (Sprowls) Smith b. Feb. 26, 1858 (Washington Co., PA) - d. March 9, 1950 (Brewster, TX) / Married Frank P. Smith (b. 1852 OH - d. 1910 Hennepin, Minnesota) / Children: Alma Marie Smith (b. 1887 SD - d. 1973 TX), Frank L. Smith (b. abt. 1889 - d. 1890), Charles P. Smith (b. 1894 - 1957 MO)
    ----------------------John Nelson Sprowls M.D. (b. 1852 PA) / Married Maggie M. McLain / "Crumrine's History of Washington County" DRS. J. N., I. N., AND LEE M. SPROWLS - Dr. J. N. Sprowls was born in West Finley township, Washington County, Sept. 14, 1852. His literary education was received in the common schools and Oberlin College, Lorain County, Ohio. After leaving college he read medicine with Dr. Silas C. McCracken, of Claysville. In September, 1875, he entered Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, from which he graduated in March, 1877. After graduating he pursued the practice of his chosen profession with his preceptor for one year. He then established himself in his own office. He takes a great interest in everything that affects the efficiency and standing of himself and his profession before the public. In his youth he joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and afterwards united with the Presbyterian Church, of which he is now a member. He was married March 6, 1878, to Maggie M. McLain, of Claysville. They have one child, Joseph William Sprowls, born May 6, 1882.
    ----------------------Dr. Isaac Newton Sprowls (b. 1854) / "Crumrine's History of Washington County" DRS. J. N., I. N., AND LEE M. SPROWLS -Dr. I. N. Sprowls was born in West Finley township, Washington County, in 1854, and died in February, 1882. In his youth he worked on the farm with his father, attending the common schools, from which he was advanced to Waynesburg and Mount Union Colleges, where he completed his literary education. His medical studies were under the direction of Dr. W. L. Grim. He attended the usual courses of lectures, and graduated M.D. from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1879. In the same year he opened an office in Burnsville, where he practiced until his death in 1882. He was thoroughly in love with his profession, and is gratefully remembered by his family and medical brethren.
    --------------------Leroy Milton Sprowls M.D. (b. 1856) / "Crumrine's History of Washington County" DRS. J. N., I. N., AND LEE M. SPROWLS - Dr. Lee M. Sprowls was born in West Finley township, Washington County, Dec. 22, 1856. He received his education in the common schools and Mount Union College. He began his medical pupilage under his brother, Dr. I. N. Sprowls (deceased), of Burnsville, and graduated from Jefferson Medical College in March, 1882. Immediately after graduating he opened an office and began practicing in Burnsville.
    -------------------Alexander Harry Sprowls b. April 25, 1861 - d. Sept. 20, 1946 (Los Angeles, CA) Was brought back to Burnsville for burial / Married Ella Reasoner /Children: Loreta Sprowls (b.?), Harland Sprowls (b.?) / Sprowls Scrapbook page 032: Harry Sprowls West Finley Native - Word has been received at Wind Ridge of the death in Los Angeles Calif., of Harry Sprowls, a native of Burnsville, Washinton County. Mr. Sprowls died Friday, Sept. 20, 1946, in the home of his daughter, Miss Loreta Sprowls. He was born April 25, 1861 in Burnsville, and was a son of John and Mary Ann McNay Sprowls. While a young man he went to Elgin, IL, where he was a druggist for a great many years. He was married to Ella Reasoner, who survives, with two children, Miss Loretta sprowls, of Los Angeles, and Harland Sprowls, of Indianapolis, a sister, Mrs. Anna S. Smith of Alpine, Texas, and a number of nieces and nephews. Burial will be in the family lot at Burnsville.

  • Nancy (Sprowls) Rockefeller
    b.1821 - d.1876 / Married John Rockefeller (b. 1821 PA - d. 1877) in 1841
    Children: Jacob L. Rockefeller (b. 1842), Elenora Rockefeller (b. 1843 PA), Rachel Rockefeller (b. 1845 PA), Mary J. Rockefeller (b. 1847), Nathan Rockefeller (b. 1849), Alexander Rockefeller (b. 1851), Margaret A. Rockefeller (b. 1853), John S. Rockefeller (b. 1857)
  • Mary Sprowls
    b. abt. 1823 (Washignton Co., PA) - d.?
    Sprowls Cemetery (East Finley Twp. Washington Co., PA)
  • Nelson Sprowls
    b. Mar. 2, 1823 (Washington Co., PA) - d. 1899
    Married Elizabeth Lucas






Margaret Graden Sprowls

b 1782 - d 1838
Sprowls Cemetery (Wash. Co., PA)


Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania / Beers, J. H. and Co., (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893) Dr. John Nelson Sprowls, p. 580:

John Sprowls, grandfather of Dr. J. N., was born in Ireland, and emigrated to this country with his parents. He was the third member in the family of nine children. Just prior to the removal of his parents and family from near Shippensburg to Washington county he was married to Margaret Graden.



John Sprowls



Elizabeth Love Sprowls


Text taken from page 653 of Beers, J. H. and Co., Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893).

John Sprowls was the first pioneer of his name to locate in East Finley township, Washington Co., Penn. He was a native of Enniskillen, Ireland, and in 1784 was there married to Elizabeth Love (also of Irish birth).