Margaret Sprowls-Smith


Sprowls Scrapbook

Kept by Margaret Sprowls-Smith of Waterford, OH


My great-great-grandmother, Margaret Sprowls-Smith, kept a scrapbook that contained several articals about her family.  It had many obituaries, birth announcements, wedding announcements and other information. In many cases, I can not tell what newspaper the articles were taken from, or the date that they were taken.

I have scanned in all the pages of this book, and returned the original to the owner.  I am now trying to index the information in it and tie the folks in the book to my family tree (see name list below).  In many cases, the articles seem to be about friends of the family that I cannot place in my tree, but I have listed them here for anyone who would like a copy.

If you see information here that you would like to have, please contact me and I will email you a copy of the page(s) you are interested in. If you have information about someone listed here that I have not been able to place in my family tree and you would like to share that, please feel free to contact me.



Page Listings:



  • Mrs. Jessie R. Wilson (obit)
  • Lonnie A Dixon
  • Mrs. Nancy J. Dixon (wife of George Dixon)


  • 60th Wedding Anniversary (Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Skipton)
  • Couple Observes Golden Wedding (Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Moore/ Mary "Eva" Smith Moore)
  • Eugene H. Keyhoe Dies at Beverly
  • Surprise Birthday Dinner/ James Wilson "Willis" Sprowls b. 1856 (Mentions Racer, Sprowls, Jennings, Smith and others)


  • Cunningham Funeral Held At Waterfod (Leroy Cunningham)
  • John Starlin is Taken By Death
  • Death Claims Prominent Beverly Business Man (D. M. Humiston)
  • Mrs. Louisa Truesdell Succumbs
  • Mrs. Martha Bell Taken by Death
  • Herman Fischer Dies Suddenly
  • Coal Run Citizen Taken (Lemuel Rose)


  • Mrs. Homer Newhart Dies at Lebanon (Lula E. Newhart)
  • Rites Held for Edward Pabst (Waterford Ohio / son of Charles and Thekla Schwartz Pabst)


  • Thomas M. Mercer Taken on Sunday
  • George M. Brown of Waterford Taken
  • PVT. Glen Forrest Killed in Belgium
  • Racer Funeral (Dudley R. Racer)
  • Miss Nora B. Preston Dies at Age of 84
  • Demise of Mary Elizabeth Mercer (daughter of Nathiel and Eleanor Marshall Colerick)


  • Belle Scott Preston (Curtis Preston / daughter of James and Mary Scott) / Her Son Adrian T. Preston married Fern Sprowls, daughter of J.W. (Son of Henry Sprowls) and Hattie Sprowls
  • Funeral services for Mrs. Lydia Mason
  • Prominent Palmer Twp. Farmer Dies (James Fletcher Reed / son of Wesley F. and Sarah Henderson Reed)
  • Mrs. Emma Ong Glass of Beverly is Taken by Death (daughter of Rezin and Susanna King Ong)
  • Minnie Ora Seevers (Wife of Asa O. Seevers / daughter of Joseph Jennings Smith)






  • Jemima Sprowls - Clark (wife of Robert Clark)
  • Margaret Kathleen Henry
  • Mrs. Dessie Piper
  • Peter A. Sampson
  • John H. Stollar (married Nancy Payne)
  • Leota Bartlett
  • Miss Margaret Doody



  • Frances Irene Ellison



  • Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Irey (65th anniversary - John Jason & Caroline Sprowls-Irey)
  • Miss Elmira Sprowls
  • Mrs. Addie Sampson (wife of William Sampson / daughter of William and Mary Van Valey Holliday)
  • Henrietta Preston Lane (wife of Henry Lane / daughter of Washington Preston)


  • Mrs. Etta Burris Mercer (wife of Clark Mercer)
  • Mary Margaret Arnold Chipps (wife of Florence and Margaret Tullis Arnold)
  • Mrs. Sarah Emily Wagner (wife of Martin Wagner)


  • Mrs. Ella May Love
  • Mrs. Belle Barr Padgitt (daughter of Alexander and Deborah Uhl Barr / wife of George Padgitt)
  • CAPT. Edward Timothy Reynolds
  • Mrs. Nettie Luella Cooper Brown (granddaughter of Mrs. James Strahler / daughter of George Brown)
  • Clement Kelley Leget
  • Harvey Hanes


  • Dr. Reuben T. Cisler
  • Mrs. Permelia Nancy Curry Sharp
  • Fountain Ridgeway Sharp (son of George and Millie Curry Sharp)
  • Evangelist E. Howard
  • Dr. Funk of Beverly is found dead


  • Edward Richard Smith (son of Joseph Smith)
  • Accidental drowning of Alva Cooper
  • Glen Cooper is Drowned Near McConnelsville
  • Miss Maude L. Mitchell (daughter of William T and Mary Jane Morris Mitchell)



  • Chester H. Mindling
  • Miss Martha Pabst (daughter of Mr. E. W. Pabst of Waterford Enlisted in Army)




  • Halden Bauer is Killed in Auto Crach
  • Baby born to Mr. and Mrs. Grovernor Townsend of Hackney
  • Mrs. C.R. Leget


  • Mrs. Alice Hardin dies in Chillicoth


  • Mr. and Mrs. A.O. Seevers announce the wedding of daughter Thelma Seevers to Howard Turner
  • Mr. and Mrs D.A. Sampson get letter from son Dearle (a prisoner of war in Germany)
  • Mr. David H. Stow married Miss Myrtle M. Padgitt
  • Mrs. Nellie Van Valey Snow (Grandmother of Wilsie Snow-Smith)
  • Mrs. Louisa Frances Clymer Truesdell (daughter of Charles Clymer, wife of John W. Truesdell)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Travis marriage of daughter Enid Lucille to Lester Carver


  • Mrs. Emma Baldwin
  • Mrs. Virginia K. Leget and Mr. Wayland D. Marr


  • Mrs. Roberta K. Mindling
  • Mrs. Ella May Wilson (wife of Charles A. Wilson)
  • Wedding Roberts-Orndoff
  • Mrs. George Wylie Dies (Ruth A. Beebe Wylie)
  • Miss Betty J. Price and Mr. Frank Ford


  • Windy Gap Sunday School History
  • Marriage Announcement of Mrs. Norma Beckett Martin (daughter of Mrs. Alvah Beckett and the late Mr. Beckett of Waterford to Benoni W. Hurlbut son of Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Hurlbut)
  • Thanks from Mrs. Della Willis


  • Walter H. Mattern Taken by Death (veteran of World War 1)
  • Dr. James Ball Naylor
  • Mrs. Maude Henry of Salem Ridge
  • W. Scott Sprowls died at his home
  • Martin G. Miller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm E. Stephens announce the marriage of daughter Marjorie to Delbert Welch


  • Arch A. Schramm Victim of Fatal Heart Attack
  • Mrs. Melissa Davis Dies at Age 85 (Melissa Lavina Dilley Davis)
  • Harry Sprowls (Los Angeles, Calif / Son of John and Mary McNay Sprowls)


  • James W. Sprowls Taken by Death (son of Henry and Mary Stollar Sprowls)
  • John N. Smith (died in Santa Paula, Cal. / wife Winnie Chamberlain)
  • Harry E. Riecker of Lowell Succumbs
  • CPL. George W. Sharp (son of Mrs. B. G. Davis)
  • SGT. And Mrs. Norman Mercer (parents Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mercer and Mr. and Mrs. Wad Martin of Beverly)


  • Waterford Couples Observe Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs Henry L Skipton, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sprowls, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. McNeal
  • Bagent-Phillips Marriage Read in Newport KY
  • W. Foreman Succumbs (son of David and Sarah McFerren Foreman)
  • Denver E. Harper (wife Edna Wagner Harper)


  • Walter F. Mills of Stockport is Dead
  • Demise of Edward M. Simpson (son of John and Belle Long Simpson)
  • Rites in Belpre for Mr. Jamieson (Wilbur W. Jamieson)
  • Sister of Fred Price Dies (Mrs. Harriett Price Marquis. Widow of Bernard Marquis)


  • Mrs. Anna S. McNeal of Waterford Dies
  • Mrs. Rosetta Padgitt (buried beside Husband C. B. Padgitt)
  • Dr. Leroy Owen Dies
  • Mrs. Lola Williams Toy
  • Brooks Boyd Moore Dies in Layman Home


  • Lee Vernon Weisend (Waterford Soldier Killed in Action)
  • Dr. William H. Hogue Dies
  • Henry Deering (son of Mr. and Mrs. Leoanrd Deering)
  • Carrie E. Linscott



  • George Willis of Watertown (story and picture)


  • George M. Willis (age 99 – includes picture with daughters Mrs. Emory Curry and Mrs. Ruth Park)


  • William F. Mills (son of Naylor and Catherine Linsey Power Mills)
  • John F. Baesel is Promoted
  • Mrs. Martha Matilda (Tillie) Jennings
  • Ural V. Westfall


  • Miss Grace Sprowls spent a few days with her aunts, Mrs. Caroline Irey and Mrs. Hannah Danley
  • Mrs. Lesta Sprowls and Mrs. Lina Wright spent the week-end with Mr and Mrs. Charlie Sprowls of West Alexander.
  • Mrs. Frank Fish and daughters Edith and Mrs. Quincy Edge of Brilliant, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raymer of Crabapple, spent Sunday with their sister, Mrs. Earl Jenkins
  • Mrs. Laura Scott spent Friday with Mrs. Margaret Sprowls
  • Celeste and Ruth Wolfe to Wed Sat. June 12 (Mrs. Mary T. Wolfe and Robert M. Strauss)
  • Frank B. McClelland Weds Nelle M. Allum
  • SGT. Lee W. Danley Discharged From Army
  • other socials


  • Article on Campus Martius Museum in Marietta


  • Mrs. Belle Long Simpson
  • Mrs. Laura W. Pettit (wife of H. E. Pettit)
  • Mrs. Anna Little Devoll Moore (first husband Herbert Devoll, 2nd husband, Mr. Moore)
  • Mrs. Emma Marie Deering Wagner
  • daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Benoni W. Hurlbut Jr. of Waterford


  • Engagement of Mary E. Brooks to Frank Fulmer Jr.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Skipton 66th Anniversary
  • Newhart-Englis wedding
  • Mrs. Lenore Morris
  • Miss Nanna A. Palmer (daughter of Ephriam H. and Sarah J. Stollar Palmer)
  • Samuel B. Davis Dies (son of Dow and Mary Nickel Davis)
  • Mrs. Mabel Preston
  • Wade E. Sprowls, died of home accident (son of Mrs. Laura Sprowls and the late Simeon Sprowls)


  • Friends here received word of the death of Mrs. Catherine Barnum of Glendale, California.  Mrs. Barnum was a daughter of Frank and Cora Smith Sprowls of Gary, Ind., former resident of this community
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dale Stollar and sons of West Alexander
  • Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Steele visited with her sister, Mrs. Lynn O. Sprowls of Wash. PA
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ross Sprowls
  • other socials


  • Fred W. Preston died at his home near Marietta (This is a long article about his life, in it, the auther mentions he was a wonderful singer and the son of a lawyer, and a lot of other personal details about his life)
  • Doak-Rohrer marriage


  • Service Awards Presented to Calco Employees
  • Mrs. Olive A. Bozman Pomeroy Dies (daughter of James and Hannah Lewis Bozman)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Duward Sprowls of Sand Hill W. Va. (mother Lesta Sprowls, sister Caroline Grimes)


  • Mrs. Clara Eakin (accident at Forest Park Ill, claims life of her father and brother,  William & Alfred Stelk)
  • Miss Nanna A. Palmer (daughter of Ephraim H. and Sarah J. Stollar Palmer / born Jan. 22, 1873)
  • Mrs. Margaret Sprowls spent last week with her daughter, Mrs. Lea Woods of Punxsutawney, PA
  • other socials


  • Henry Deering Dies after being hit by a train.
  • Mr. Oliver Clark Henry
  • Mrs. Ella Scott Devitt (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Scott)
  • Harley E. Smiley of Beverly Dies


  • Miss Grace Sprowls dies (daughter of Jennie Sprowls who married George A. Stollar)
  • Mrs. Leta M. Martin of Watertown Dies (wife of Dudley Martin)
  • Thanks from Mrs. Hattie Sprowls



  • Mrs. Alpha Edna Riecker
  • Mrs. Flora Powell Bozman
  • Clarence White (son of Asa and Elizabeth Dille White)
  • William W. Sprowls died following Illness (son of Silas and Christina Ealy Sprowls)
  • Ella Silvus Simeral
  • W. W. Flynn
  • Mr. Ben Hurlbut


  • Mrs. Laura Sprowls W. Finley Postmaster
  • Hugh M. Plants (with picture)
  • Alfred Peter Stollar (son of Henry and Sophronia Skipton Stollar)
  • Mrs. Della A. Malster (with picture)
  • Henry Clinton Smith of Pleasant Hill (brother of Clyde D. Smith)
  • John Henry Dearth dies in Illinois


  • Alfred Peter Stollar
  • Mrs. Frances May Cowell
  • Captain Earl Webster
  • Dr. Walter B. Hartnell (son of Joseph and Mary Hartnell)
  • James O. Cullen


  • Mary Adda Skipton (wife of Henry L. Skipton)
  • Mr. William Henry Sampson
  • Mr. Jess C. Stollar


  • Caroline Irey (picture with 2 of her great-granddaughters)