Rosanna Ealy Stoller

b. Aug. 1776 (Schuylkill Co., PA) - d. Jan. 1863 (Washington Co., PA)



The Will of George Ealy:

Mentioned in her father George Ely's Will in 1830 as Rosannah Stoller. Executors and devided equally among my children that is to say my son HENRY ELY, ROSANNAH STOLLER, GEORGE ELY, JOHN ELY, CRISTIAN STOLLER, PETER ELY, DANIEL ELY, CATHERINE DENNIS and my daughter MARY / turnover ? (Page? TEDROW?)...Read full will



Bio from Beers, J. H. and Co., Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893)

Andrew Stollar was married to Rosanna, daughter of George Ely, who came to Washington county some years prior to the Stollar family. The following children were born to this union: Peter, Henry, William, Daniel, Rosanna (Mrs. Peter Earnest), Christina (Mrs. Isaac Earnest), Catherine (Mrs. George Plants) and Mary (Mrs. Henry Sprowls). Mr. Stollar was a Democrat, an active worker in the party. In religion he and his family were members of the United Brethren Church.





  • Rosamond or Rosanna (Stollar) Earnest
    b. 1800 - d. 1889
    Married Peter Earnest (b. 1797 NY - d. 1861 PA) in 1818
  • Peter Henry Stollar
    b. 1801 - d. 1881
    Married Susannah Barney (b. 1803 PA - d. 1898 PA/ Sprowls scrapbook page 009: obituary) in 1820 /Childern: Andrew (b. 1821 PA), Elizabeth Stollar-Sampson (b. 1826 PA), Rosanna Stollar-Jennings-Arnold (b. 1828), Mary (b. 1833 PA), Daniel (b. 1835 PA), Henry Stoller (b. 1837)
    ----------------------Rosanna Stollar-Jennings-Arnold b. 1828 PA - d. 1910 / Married Daniel Jennings (son of Lemuel & Jane Tuttle Jennings)/ Married Joseph Arnold (after Daniel's death) / The History of Watertown OH: Joseph Arnold married Mrs. Rosanna Jennings, widow of Daniel Jennings, and daughter of Peter Stollar. She was born in Washington county, October 23, 1828.), Mary (b. 1833 PA)
    --------------------- Daniel Stollar b. Aug. 12, 1835 (Wash. Co., PA) - d. Jan. 22, 1922 (Wash. Co., OH) / Civil War Veteran / Waterford Cemetery (Wash. Co., OH) / Married Nancy Gilmore (b. ? / Sprowls Scrapbook page 008: Obituary) in 1854 / Children: Hattie Stollar-Sprowls (b. 1856 ), George Arthur Stollar (b. 1859), Edward J. Stollar (b. 1851), Ross H. Stollar (b. ? - d. 1943, Obituary), Pete Stollar (b.?). / Sprowls Scrapbook page 008 (newspaper unknown): Daniel Stollar, who has been indentified with the life of Waterford and vicinity for so many years, passed away at his home in that village, Sunday morning at 3:30 o'clock. With his parents he came to Waterford when he was fifteen years of age and has been a resident of this community the remainder of his life. His birthplace was East Finley, PA., and the date of his birth, August 12, 1835, He expired Sunday morning, January 22 at 3:30 O'clock, in the eighty-seventh year of his age. He was the second son of Peter and Susanna Stollar. For many years Mr. Stollar was connected with the work at Beverly-Waterford bridge and pump station of the B. and O. railroad. In 1854 he was united in marraige to Nancy Gilmore, who preceded him to the Heavenly Home in 1907. To this union were born six children, four sons and two daughters, five of whom survive: G. A. Stollar and Mrs. J. W. Sprowls, of Waterford; P.A. Stollar of Tuscon, Arizona; R. H. Stollar, of Long Beach CA, and E. J. Stollar, of Portsmouth, VA. He is also survived by tweleve grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. The deceased was one of the oldest Civil War Veterans of this community, being a volunteer of Co. I 148th Regiment. He was a member of the United Brethren Church, of Pleasant Grove for several years he had been afflicted with rheumatism, which prevented his activity in social and religious affairs. He was a kind father, uncomplaining and patent in hours of suffering. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon, conducted by Rev. C.H. Eichinger, Interment in Waterford Cemetery, L. A. Dixon, funeral director.
    ------------------------------------------------------Hattie Julia Stallar-Sprowls b. 1856 PA - d. ? / Married J.W. Sprowls (son of Henry Sprowls) on Dec. 7,1883 / Children: Fern Sprowls-Preston (b. 1884), Arthur Sprowls (b. ?) / Sprowls Scrapbook page 003 (paper unknown): Mrs. J. W. Sprowls together with Miss Grace Sprowls, planned a surprise party on Mr. J. W. Sprowls, Sunday June 16th. This was Mr. Sprowls 74th birthday.../ James and Hattie are buried in Waterford Cemetery (Washington Co., OH)
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fern Sprowls-Preston b. Feb. 1884 - d. ? / Married Adrian T. Preston (1900 US Census: son of Curtis and Belle Preston) of Tonawanda, NY / Sprowls Scrapbook page 021 (from the article "Waterford Couple Celebrates Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary"): ... Mrs. Fern Sprowls Preston, wife of Adrian T. Preston of Tonawanda, N.Y. .... Miss Sarah Ann Sprowls of Tonawanda is the only grandchild / NOTE: Sarah's last name is Sprowls, but she lives in New York with Fern Preston and her husband. She is maybe Arthur's daughter, but is living with his sister Fern? Arthur's wife is not mentioned in any of the articles I have found, perhaps she died young, and Fern took Sarah?
    -----------------------------------------------------George Arthur Stollar b. Jan. 9, 1859- d. 1929 / Married Jennie Sprowls ( she was the daughter of Alexander Sprowls, and grandaughter of John Sprowls) / Waterford Cemetery (Wash. Co., OH). / Sprowls Scrapbook page 008 (newspaper unknown / this was torn and sort of unreadable in places): George Arthur Stollar, __passed away at his home in __Tuesday morning, August 13__illness of one week's __Stollar had never fully recov__major operation which he __ in the Tremont hospital. April 23 of this year, and a Monday, his suffering__tense that he was unable __bed. Mr. Stollar was born in ___township, January 9, 1859. __manhood he went west to __. He made five different __Arizona always returning to the state of Ohio. It was in the __that he was united in marriage ___Mrs. Jennie Sprowls, of ___ She precedded in death in 19___, her only daughter, Miss Grace __ in his care. He will be missed by the step-daughter ___left alone and by his only sister, Mrs. J. W. Sprowls, __of Waterford. By trade, Mr. Stollar was __and an expert one. A __ago he did carpenter work __this work in favor _vocation which he __deceased was a man of __unassuming, and will be__for his many kindly acts a __. In addition to the step-d__ sister, two brothers sur___Stollar, Long Beach, Calif. ___, Los Angeles, Calif. Onl___Ida Sprowls, died in 1888, ___E. J. Stollar, was sum__life in January 1927. Twelve nephews also survive. Simple funeral rites were performed today (Thursday) at 2o'clock at the home according to the last request of Mr. Stollar. Rev. J. B. Williamson, of the Beverly Presbyterian church conducted teh service. Burial in the Waterford cemetery, Maxwell & Mindling funneral directors. / Sprowls Scrapbook page 052: obituary - Miss Grace Sprowls (step - daughter of G.A. Stollar)
    -------------------------------------------------- Edward J. Stollar b. 1851 - d. ? (Winston-Salem, NC) / Married ? / Children: infant girl (b.?) / Sprowls Scrapbook page 008 (newspaper unknown): The friends of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Stollar will learn with regret of the death of their infant daughter, one month old, which sad event occured on April 30th. / Sprowls Scrapbook page 009: On Tuesday evening, Mrs. J. W. Sprowls and Mr. Arthur Stollar received a telegram to the effect that their brother Edward J. Stollar, of Winston-Salem, NC, was near the point of death. The sad message of his passing which occurred Wednesday morning, January 2, at 12:20, arrived here a few hours later. / Sprowls Scrapbook page 015 "Edward J. Stollar Tells Life Story" article and picture.
    ---------------------------------------------------Ross H. Stollar b. ? - d. July 3, 1943 (Long Beach, CA) / Sprowls Scrapbook page 009: Ross H. Stollar, brother of Mrs. Hattie Sprowls of Waterford, but now in New York state, passed away at Long Beach, California, July 3, 1943. P. A. Stollar of Los Angeles, CA, is a brother. The Stollar family were among older residents here and well known in this vicinity. Mr. Ross Stollar had been an invalid for years, but was able to get about some.
    ------------------------- Henry Stollar (b. abt 1837 PA) Married Sophrona Skipton (b. Sept. 1841 OH / daughter of John Skipton and Sarah Willis) / Children: Douglas Stollar(b. 1860 -d. 1919 / listed as their child in Wash. Co School records. He was born with a handicap and never able to learn or do any productive work of any kind), Sarah E. Stollar-Angle (b. 1862 - d. 1925), Alfred Peter Stollar (b. 1864 - d. 1948), Elmira Armintha Skipton-Weilbermer (b. Dec. 1875 / Pleasant Grove Cemetery). Ruthe M. Stoller (b. ?), Rosa B. Stollar (b. 1862 OH) / NOTE: There is a book about Henry & Sophrona Stoller in the Kate Love Simpson Library in McConnelsville, OH. It was written by Raymond A. Oliver Sr. and his wife Imogene.
    ---------------------------------------------------Rosa B. Stollar b. Sept. 28, 1883 (Wash. Co., OH) - d. Sept. 11, 1910 (Wash. Co., OH) Sprowls Scrapbook page 011 (newspaper unknown): Rosa B. Stollar, youngest daughter of Henry Stollar and Sophrona Stollar was born in Watertown township, Washington Co., OH on September 28, 1883. Died September 11th 1910. Aged 26 years, 11 months and 14 days.../
  • Henry Stollar
    b.1811 - d. 1905
    Henry married 3 times: 1st, to Mary Jane Ealy (b. 1815 PA - d. 1840 PA she was the daughter of George Ealy and grandaughter of Jonathan George and Eva Christina Ealy) in 1832, 2nd to Jemima Nickerson (b.1809 - 1861) in 1840, and 3rd to Mary Ann Dentzer (b. 1835 - d. 1904 OBIT) in 1861. / Children: William Stollar (b. ?), Peter Stollar (b.?), James Stollar (b.?), Reuben Stollar (b. ?), Sarah Stollar-Elay (b. ?). / Bio from Beers, J. H. and Co., Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893). Henry Stollar (the subject of our sketch) was born March 12, 1811, and in his boyhood days attended the subscription schools. The "classic halls of learning" were at that date erected from rough hewn logs, and each one was furnished with a huge fireplace, puncheon floor and other primitive furniture. In 1832 he was united in marriage with Mary, daughter of George Ely, and five children were born to their union: Peter, George, Reuben, William and James. The mother of this family died in 1840, and Mr. Stollar was afterward married to Jemima, daughter of George Nickerson, of West Bethlehem township, this county. They have had one daughter, Sarah (wife of Charles Ely). Mr. Stollar first purchased 100 acres of wild land, and erected a house upon it, remaining there twelve years, when he bought the farm of 230 acres that he now owns, and which he has much improved. He has always been an active member of the Democratic party, and cast his first vote for Jackson. He is a zealous worker in the United Brethren Church with which he is connected.
    ----------------------------Sarah Stollar-Elay b. ? - d. ? / Married Charles Elay
  • Christina (Staller) Earnest
    b. 1804 (PA) - d. 1880 (PA)
    Married Isaac Earnest (b. 1799 NY - d. 1867 PA).
  • Catherine (Stoller) Plants
    b. 1806 (PA) - 1893 (IA)
    Married George Plants (b. 1803 PA - d. 1887 IA) / Children: Henry P. Plants (b. 1827 PA), Rosanna Plants (b. 1830 PA), Christina Plants (b. 1833 PA), Rachel Plants (b. 1836 PA), Andrew Plants (b. 1839 PA), Hannah Plants (b. 1841 PA), Nancy A. Plants (b. 1843 PA), Susannah P. Plants (b. 1843 PA), William Plants (b. 1849 PA), Sarah Plants (b. 1852 PA).
  • William Staller
    b.1813 (PA) - d.1900 (PA)
    Married Annie G. Rockefeller (b. 1818 PA - d. 1854 PA)
  • Daniel Stollar
    b.1815 - d. 1877 (OH)
    Guard Cemetery (Palmer Twp, Washington Co. Ohio)
    Married Nancy Chambers (b. abt 1814 - d. 1886) / Children: Isaac Stollar (b. 1837 PA - Guard Cemetery), Catherine Stollar (b. 1840 PA), Margaret Stollar (b. 1842 PA), Jemima Stollar (b. 1845 PA), Sarah J. Stollar (b. 1847 PA), John C. Stollar (b. 1849), Phoeba A. Stollar (b. 1853 PA), Andrew A. Stollar (b. 1856 OH), Mary E. Stollar (b. 1862 OH).
    -------------------------John C. Stollar b. 1849 (PA) - d. 1914 / Married Sarah J. Breckenridge b. 1849 / Guard Cemetery Palmer Twp. Washington Co., OH
  • Mary (Stoller) Sprowls
    b.1819 - d.1907

    Death of Mrs. Henry Sprowls (newspaper unknown)

    Mrs. Sprowls was born in East Finley Township, Oct. 6, 1818 on what is now the James Montgomery farm, about half a mile east of Plant's store, daughter of Peter and Rosanna Stollar.







Andrew Stoller





Jonathon George Ealy




Eva Christina (Strohschneider) Ealy
b.1746 (PA) - d.1832 (PA)