Timothy Tuttle

b. Oct. 16, 1696 (Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ) - d. Dec. 31, 1754 (Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ)

Whippany Grave Yard (Morris County, N.J.)



From ancestry.com: Taken from Family History: Early New York Families, 1600-1900s  


"Timothy Tuttle, son of Stephen and Ruth (Higgins-Fitz Randolph) Tuttle, was born October 16, 1696 at Woodbridge, New Jersey and died December 3, 1754 at Hanover, New Jersey.  With his brother, Joseph, he lived in Newark until 1730 or 1732, then moved to Morris County where they had previously purchased land.  He was a member of the Hanover Presbyterian Church*, the oldest in the County.  He was overseer of the poor, assessor and justice of the peace while living in Newark and Hanover.  He married in 1724 at morristown, Cecelia Moore, was buried July 3, 1768.  She was a member of one of the old and substantial families of New Jersey.  He accumulated a good deal of property, which was apportioned out among his heirs in 1755.  Children: Daniel of whom further; Thomas , Isaac, Stephen, Abraham, Mary, Joanna".


*The oldest church in Morris County was located next to the Whippany Burying Ground where Timothy Tuttle is buried.  It no longer exists.  This church split into two new parishes- Hanover Presbyterian Church, East hanover, NJ and the Whippany Presbyterian Church, Whippany, NJ.



The Will of Timothy Tuttle:
Timothy's will names wife Cecelia, son-in-law John Stiles and all children.





  • Isaac Tuttle
    b. Sept. 13, 1724 (NJ) - d. 1776 (NJ)
    Morristown, NJ Presbyterian Church (NJ)
  • Daniel Tuttle
    b. Jan. 13, 1727 - d. 1805 (NJ)
    Married Jemima Johnson (b. 1726 NJ) in 1747 / The Vermont Gazetteer say the original proprietors of the new town of Bolton, VT met May 10, 1770 at Newark. All proprietors are named including Daniel. Daniel apparently sold his rights to his brother Stephen.
  • Joanna (Tuttle) Stiles
    b. abt. 1728 (NJ) - d. 1781 (NJ)
    Married Jonathan Stiles (b. 1721 NJ) in 1750
  • Thomas Tuttle
    b. abt. 1730 - d. 1810 (NJ)
    Married Mehitable Fairchild (b. 1732 CT) in 1754
  • Mary (Tuttle) Clark
    b. ? - d. ?
    Married Daniel Clark (b. 1704 CT) in 1750
  • Stephen Tuttle
    b. abt. 1738 (NJ) - d. 1818 (Canada)
    Married Mary Graham (b. 1744 NJ) in 1765 / The Vermont Gazetteer: Daniel apparently sold his rights to his brother Stephen who then went up there to survey the land, and bought a large tract of lane near Albany, NY and settled there.
  • Abraham Tuttle
    b. abt. 1739 - d. 1762 (NJ)









Cecelia Moore Tuttle

Married in 1724


b. 1700 (Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ) - d. July 3, 1768 (Morristown, Morris, NJ)

Morristown, NJ Presbyterian Church (NJ)




Stephen Tuttle




Ruth Higgins-Fitz Randolph Tuttle

Ruth was the daughter of Richard Higgins (b. 1613 England) and Mary Yates-Higgins (b. 1626 Massachusetts).

She married Isaac FitzRandolph in 1692, and then married Stephen Tuttle in 1695.