1850 U.S. Census:
Marrietta, Washington Co., Ohio

George Stoneking
Ary Stoneking
Anna Stoneking



1860 U.S. Census:
Schuyler, Brooklyn, Illinois

George Stoneking
Ary Stoneking
Anna Stoneking
Harriet Stoneking



1870 U.S. Census:
Washington Co., Ohio

James I. West
Annie M. West
James E. West
Lydia A. West
George W. West
4 mo.

NOTE: George (b. abt. 1824) and Martha (b. abt. 1842) Stoneking are living next door.



1880 U.S. Census:

Grant, Jackson (WV)

James I. West
Annie M. West
James E. West
Lydia A. West
George W. West
William L. West
Martha A. West
Laura L. West


1900 U.S. Census:

Lawrence, Wash. Co., OH

Anna West
John R West
Frank C West
Sara West

NOTE According to this census, Anna and James had 11 children total, and there were 8 living in 1900.



Anna M. Stoneking West

b. abt. 1847 (Washington Co., OH or PA) - d. aft. 1900



Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953 / Certificate of Death for George W West: George W. West, s/o James & Anna Stoneking West, death record list James & Anna's place of birth as Washington Co., OH



Marietta Daily Leader / Nov. 29, 1900

Sheriff's Sale - View and Print
Minnie Ethel Stoneking vs. Anna West
Court of Common Pleas. Case No 9557



Certificate of Death for William L. West: Parents listed as James West born in WV and Anna Stoneking born in PA.






NOTE According to the 1900 US census, Anna and James had 11 children total, and there were 8 living in 1900. I do not have all their children listed.


  • James "Ezra" West
    b. abt. 1866 (OH) - d. ?
    In his brother William's obit, it states that "Ezra" is living in Belville, W. Va.
  • Lydia "Anna" West Snyder
    b. March 14, 1867 (Wash. Co., OH) - d . Dec. 16, 1918 (Scioto, OH)
    Greenlawn Cem. (OH)
    Married William Snyder

    Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1953: lists Anna Snyder's parents as James West and Margret Stoneking. Spouse was William Snyder, but she is listed as Widowed. Her death cert also lists her occupation as "Kept House Boat" and her death at Union St on the River Bank 2.
    NOTE: this is the only time I have ever seen the name Margret Stoneking, I belive it is Anna M (Margret) Stoneking.

  • George W. West
    b. Jan. 19, 1870 (Muskingum Co., OH) - d. May 17, 1930 (Marion Co., OH)
    Buried in Mariella (Marietta?), OH / Email - KN: Married Mary E. Britton (b. abt. 1886) / Children: Lillian West-Hitchcock (b. abt. 1902) / Death Certificate: George died from a fractured skull - the result of an automobile accident.
    ------------------------------Lillian West-Hitchcock b. abt. 1902 - d. ? / Married unknown Hitchcock / Children: Bernard Hitchcock (b. ?), Paul Hitchcock (b. ?), Margarite Hitchcock (b. ?) / 1930 US Census: Lillian and her children are living with George and Mary during the 1930 Census and Lillian was the informant on George's death cert.
  • William L. West
    b. May 25, 1874 (WV) - d. Dec. 15, 1941 (Morgan Co., OH)
  • Martha A. West
    b. 1877 (WV) - d. Oct. 25, 1899 (Washington Co., OH)
    Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery
    Grave Marker:
    Daughter of J. & Anna West, died Oct. 25, 1899 Aged 22 Years, 11 M, 2D. / Ohio Deaths and Burials, 1854-1997: Martha A West b. 1877 (WV), died 25 Oct. 1899 at Dye, Wash. Co., OH.
  • Laura L. West
    b. abt. 1879 (WV) - d. ?
  • John R. West
    b. Aug. 1880 (Wood Co., WV) - d. aft. 1941
    Ohio County Marriages 1790-1950: Married Bertha Biehl Feb. 12, 1908 (Washington Co., OH), parents listed on marriage records as James West and Annie Stoneking /In his brother William's obit, from 1941, it states that John is living in Whipple.
  • Frank C. West
    b. April 1883 (Rockfort, WV) - d. ?
    Ohio County Marriages 1790-1950:
    Married Ruby Adams Feb. 17, 1909 (Washington Co., OH), parents listed on marriage records as James M. West & Anna Stoneking. /In his brother William's obit, it states that Frank is living in Akron, OH / NOTE: on the 1910 Census Frank lists his mothers place of birth as Illinois.
  • Sara West
    b. Oct. 1891 (OH) - d. ?
  • Cora West Barth
    b. ? - d. ?
    In her brother William's obit, it states that Mrs. Cora Barth is living in Whipple.





James West

Married on Feb. 2, 1865

Ohio Marriages, 1800-1858:
There is a Marriage License for Anna M. Stoneking and John West b. 1844, dated, Jan. 30, 1865 (Wash. Co., OH).
A second Marriage license list Anna M. Stoneking and James West - Marriage Date: Feb. 02, 1865 (Wash. Co., OH)


NOTE: all census and other records show Anna and James and list his DOB abt. 1838.




George Stoneking

George Stoneking is listed as father of Anna M. Stoneking on her Marraige license to John (James) West.



Dary Hipsley Stoneking