1797 Settlers of Marietta, Ohio:

  • Jeremiah Wilson & Family
  • George Wilson & Family
  • William Wilson & Family



Jeremiah Wilson

b. May 11, 1726 (South Kingstown, RI) -


History of Washington county, Ohio [n.p.,1881]

Jeremiah Wilson and his sons George, William, and David were among the 85 men who with their families constituted the second party of settlers sponsored by the Ohio Company. They arrived at camp Maritus (Marietta) in 1789 but soon moved up the Muskingum River to what is now Waterford Township and settled in the vicinity of the village of Beverly. They were among the very first white settlers in this exposed frontier area, and it was not till the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811 that they felt completely safe from attack by Indians. Jeremiah and his sons are listed as heads of families in the 1790 census of Washington County, and their descendants remained in this area for many years



Fort Frye / Photo taken from drawing featured on “Opening the Door West”





The following are the names of occupants of Fort Frye, as the garrison was called, during the war (INDIAN WAR 1791).


  • GEORGE WILSON, wife and two children.
  • JEREMIAH WILSON, two sons and two daughters.
  • DAVID WILSON, wife and one child.






  • George Wilson
    b. 1754 (South Kingstown, Wash. Co., RI) - d. aft. 1790
    Married Abigail Torrey
  • William Wilson
    b. 1756 (South Kingstown, Wash. Co., RI) - d. 1795 (Waterford, Wash. Co., OH)
  • Mary (Wilson) Kenne
    b. Dec. 6, 1759 (South Kingstown, Wash. Co., RI) - d. ?
  • David Wilson
    b. abt. 1762 (South Kingstown, Wash. Co., RI) - d.






Abigail Wilkinson Wilson - Dye
Married John Dye after Jeremiah's death.



Jeremiah Wilson

b. 1674 (Kingstown, Wash. Co., RI)



Mary Smith Wilson